23 Times TV Characters Tried to Get Fit

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13. Cleveland - The Cleveland Show

Cleveland - The Cleveland Show
I don't think Cleveland is dead, but things don't look good for him on the treadmill. As with others, it doesn't appear to be his particular apparatus, does it?

14. Miranda, Carrie and Samantha - Sex and the City

Miranda, Carrie and Samantha - Sex and the City
The girls on Sex and the City want to exercise their minds as well as their bodies while they're out for their walk. Gossip is the answer for that one!

15. Bill Haverchuck - Freaks and Geeks

Bill Haverchuck - Freaks and Geeks
OK, it's not just Bill, but he takes the brunt of this particular scene. Yes, Dodgeball really was what was once considered excercise, not punishment, in gym class. Then you had to get naked and shower with all the bullies. Oh, it was glorious.

16. Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

Phil Dunphy - Modern Family
Phil manages to make Cam look like he's a master of the art of exercise as he strides by with his walking poles. His kids are probably hiding in the bushes in embarrassment. OK. Points for being out there. Go Phil!

17. Phoebe and Rachel - Friends

Phoebe and Rachel - Friends
Flap your wings, pretty bird! It's unclear where Phoebe learned to run, but she is certainly filled with glee as she embarrasses the hell out of Rachel as she runs, flailing, by.

18. Hannah Horvath - Girls

Hannah Horvath - Girls
Hannah pretty much sums up my thoughts on the subject with a mantra matching her strides as she runs down the road, "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this." Amen.

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