25 Hot Monsters We Can't Help But Love

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Do sexy monsters invade your dreams? Maybe they taunt you in your nightmares, instead.

No matter. We've picked out a group for you to gaze at so you can remember they're still monsters no matter how hot they are in human form.

1. Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Spike - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Ha! I put in a ringer here because I didn't want to see his monster face. Because Spike had the grace to call himself a monster, I skipped the obvious by showing how horrid his monster face can be. That heart of gold under there that saved the world? That's what I see.

2. Jessica - True Blood

Jessica - True Blood
Remember when Jessica was first turned and how it seemed like such a bad decision? I still love thinking about what a fantastic character she turned out to be. Such a beautiful baby vamp!

3. Mitchell - Being Human UK

Mitchell - Being Human UK
The first of our Aidans from Being Human, this one playing a character named Mitchell. It never gets old looking at vampires. Let's carry on.

4. Katherine - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine - The Vampire Diaries
Katherine was sexy because she was fun and enjoyed the hell out of the darkness of being a vampire. She used her monster capabilities with every ounce of life in her. The same couldn't always be said for her TVD cohorts.

5. Elijah - The Originals

Elijah - The Originals
For being as sexy as he is, you'd think this fella would be lucky in love, right? Not so much. At least the TVD vamps are a step above the BtVS vamps in form. These monsters aren't gorgy like the True Blood models, but the Buffy vamps are downright ugly when turned.

6. Liv - iZombie

Liv - iZombie
The normally cute, perky blonde is really a walking dead girl just trying to keep her head above the dirt by chomping on the brains of other dead people who haven't been lucky enough to stay alive by being zombified. Dayum.

7. Vincent - Beauty and the Beast

Vincent - Beauty and the Beast
You know who had reason to cry? Vincent. He went to war after 9/11 and do you know what he got? I'll tell you. He was part of a government experiment that turned him into a monster. That sexy bastard had to go into hiding for years until he found his Catherine. Somehow, it only made him more desirable to women. Go figure.

8. Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie is a monster of a different sort. She was like a pot luck, a little of everything depending on which time she died. Yeah, she was whipped around the otherworld like a half-eaten bag of chips. Still, she was never undesirable, even if she did too much crying like all TVD characters.

9. Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
The hope was to make the Salvatore brothers look as innocent as possible while they were monsterous as any vampires were ever going to be. Sexy Stefan was known as The Ripper. Still, kinda hot.

10. Pam - True Blood

Pam - True Blood
Pam took sassiness to an entirely new level. She made it a sport and was the perfect vampire as a result. With snark and sizzling sex appeal oozing out of her bloodless body, she got away with a lot.

11. Derek - Teen Wolf

Derek - Teen Wolf
Werewolves are a hot property across the board, as is noted by Teen Wolf's Derek. It was a long time without him on the show, right?

12. Ruby - Once Upon a Time

Ruby - Once Upon a Time
It's a place for fairytales, so what better place for a werewolf to show up and go after her grandmother? Talk about a different spin on Little Red Riding Hood! This Ruby would have fooled anyone with her sultry looks.

13. Aidan - Being Human US

Aidan - Being Human US
Because when you have one hot vampire, you might as well have two! A remake of the show for US audiences didn't let us down with their choice of vampires, and even renamed him...possibly after the actor who played Mitchell on the original?

14. Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

Caroline - The Vampire Diaries
Remember when Caroline was singing and dancing and dragging all the boys her way? That's right. The girl had what it takes to make the boys notice. Of course, when the teeth came out, often it meant guilt came rushing in.

15. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer - Lucifer
The take on this little devil is he's not nasty, but he is the guy who has to punish all of the nasty people sent to him for safekeeping. No wonder he needed a break and to see if he was the evil guy he thought he was all those years. The hot beast was very misunderstood.

16. Tara - True Blood

Tara - True Blood
It was die or be the living dead. It wasn't Tara's decision, but her sexy story came to life only after her death. The girl changed and we got to see Rutina Wesley as we never had before!

17. Damon - The Vampire Diaries

Damon - The Vampire Diaries
Another Salvatore, another sexy face that looks like he's just been violated. Hell, maybe he was. It was always up and down for the brothers, but this one found himself a monster in the hardest way. His brother was the reason he turned. Eeek.

18. Alcide - True Blood

Alcide - True Blood
Another werewolf, another hot, smoldering hunka hunka burning sex. Am I going to go to jail for this? Are these posts even legal anymore? I'm not so sure.

19. Hayley - The Originals

Hayley - The Originals
Hayley never quite got her due, and something tells me this furry fox may not have a happy ending. That doesn't have anything to do with her sex appeal. She's got it all going on.

20. Eric - True Blood

Eric - True Blood
You didn't think I'd leave Eric off of this list, right? Quite possibly the sexiest entity on True Blood, he knew himself and what he wanted well enough to know when he was making the right moves and when he was making a mistake. It didn't stop him though. Thank goodness. Think of the scenes we'd have missed if he'd done everything right!

21. Maze - Lucifer

Maze - Lucifer
This demon has been wondering if she will ever change and be an acceptable and kind human-type entity. Does she have a soul? Just looking at the two sides of her face tells you she's two halves of a whole and there's a monster in all of us, right?

22. Blaine - iZombie

Blaine - iZombie
Score two sexies for the undead! Is it the blond hair? Is it the smart attitude our zombie friends possess that make them hot? It's hard to tell, be we don't get turned off from the brain-loving monsters.

23. Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Elena may have looked just like Katherine, but they handled their vampirism and their sex appeal in completely different ways. It's a very interesting study in contrasts. There should have been one for each Salvatore brother, ideally.

24. Clay and Elena - Bitten

Clay and Elena - Bitten
Clay and Elena were werewolves and in love. As the only female werewolf in the Bitten universe (roll with it), they were ultra hot because, hello, two werewolves. Unfortunately, they usually only showed them human then in odd frames turning then as whole wolves. But, we get to see shirtless Clay. Score!

25. Angel - Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Angel - Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Is that an unattractive vamp face or what? There's little doubt a monster is residing under there, but it's oh, so hard to resist his other side, too. Especially when his name is Angel. What kind of contradiction is that??

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