27 Most Precious Pets in TV History

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7. Paul Anka - Gilmore Girls

Paul Anka - Gilmore Girls
Named after the singer who wrote the 1960s song “Puppy Love”, Lorelai adopted this unique dog while she and daughter, Rory, were on the outs in season 6. We loved this canine's quirks which included, refusing to walk down the front steps, being scared of peas, lint, and popcorn among other things, and an aversion to normal dog toys. We hear this pooch will appear in the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival and we couldn't be happier.

8. Gary the Snail - SpongeBob SquarePants

Gary the Snail - SpongeBob SquarePants
Gary (full name Gerald Wilson Jr.) is SpongeBob SquarePants' pet snail. That's right, when you live at the bottom of the sea, you have a pet snail…that meows. Gary also, on occasion, has been known to roar and, even more rare, speak. But mostly this intelligent little snail gets his point across without having to say a word.

9. Happy - 7th Heaven

Happy - 7th Heaven
Happy first showed up in the pilot after little Simon begged and prayed for a dog and was with the show for its entire run, despite when that Camden family tried to take the dog back at the end of season 2! In real life, Happy was a rescued stray who was abused. Fearful of men, the male members of the cast had to spend extra time with Happy in order to make her more comfortable. Unfortunately, this beloved terrier passed away in 2010 at the ripe old age of 15.

10. Bear - B.J. and the Bear

Bear - B.J. and the Bear
From 1979 to 1981 B.J. and the Bear aired on NBC. It followed the adventures of B.J McKay a truck driver and his pet chimpanzee, Bear, as they traveled the country helping people and solving crimes. Turns out there were several chimps who played Bear, one of which violently turned on its owner, mauling him severely in 2005. Some animals just should not be pets!

11. Vincent - Lost

Vincent - Lost
This Labrador Retriever probably wishes he had missed his trip instead of flying in the cargo hold of Oceanic Flight 815. At least he got to be there in the end so that Jack wasn’t alone.

12. Comet - Full House

Comet - Full House
Comet first showed up in season 3 when the neighbor's dog, Minnie, ran away and gave birth to puppies on Jesse's bed. The dog's owner allowed the Tanners to keep one of the pups and little Michelle chose Comet who was with the family until the original series ended. The real Comet's name was Buddy. His owner found him as a stray in the Sierra Nevada mountains, took him home and trained him. Buddy could also be seen on America’s Funniest Home Videos, Late Show with David Letterman, the movies Air Bud: Golden Receiver and Fluke. Buddy died at age 10 from complications due to cancer.

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