27 Reboots Ruling 2018 — Should We Give Them The Boot?

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7. Roseanne (ABC)

Roseanne (ABC)
Everybody loves Roseanne, including ABC, so they assembled the entire Conner family for a 20-year reunion of sorts. The reboot features the original cast with a few new familial additions. Even family patriarch Dan will be revived as the series is sidestepping his fatal heart attack in the finale. While many are thrilled to be returning to the infamous brown couch, the political tone of the show is causing some to doubt it's worthiness.

The cast themselves acknowledge that the series will continue digging into controversial and heavy issues, of which there's no shortage. Roseanne argues that people may assume the show is more political than it really is. She claims the series continues to paint a realistic picture of working-class people in America, showcasing how a family deals with disagreements and fallout from the recent election — and yes, Roseanne voted for Trump. The series premieres March 27.

TV Fanatic Verdict: We're a country divided but oddly enough, Roseanne might bring us together again.

8. The Jetsons (ABC)

The Jetsons (ABC)
We're in the future (technically) and the Jetson's are back! This is a very different reboot as it's taking an animated series from the 60s and turning it into a live-action-filmed-in-front-of-a-studio-audience comedy sitcom. Based on the cartoon, we'll be seeing the Jetsons through a modern filter 100-years in the future. How do they plan to introduce uber-futuristic effects in real-time? We'll leave that up to Robert Zemeckis. We just hope that the future finally brings those anticipated flying cars.

TV Fanatic Verdict:This could go either way but color us intrigued.

9. Miami Vice (NBC)

Miami Vice (NBC)
Who is ready for the return of mustaches and pink shorts? NBC is working on a reboot of the classic cop drama Miami Vice, which is getting a little push from Vin Diesel's and his production company, One Race Television. This basically means the series will be fueled with testosterone along with fast and furious car chases and action scenes. During its prime, the series was a pop-culture phenomenon. Would it have the same appeal now?

TV Fanatic Verdict: Not enough is known for us to make a decision, but we'd never doubt Vin Diesel.

10. The Munsters (NBC)

The Munsters (NBC)
The Munsters are planning quite the return to NBC. Odd Mom Out creators Seth Meyers and Jill Kargman want to bring back the lovable monster family. Set in modern times, the Munsters are a family struggling to fit in amongst the hipsters of Brooklyn. This is the second attempt at reviving the Munsters, the first being hour long, big-budget pilot Mockingbird Lane, which aired as Halloween special in 2012.

TV Fanatic Verdict: The Munsters would work as a half-hour comedy. Who wouldn't want to see them struggling to fit in in hipsterville? Although, I'm afraid their outfits might actually be considered "trendy" nowadays.

11. Animaniacs (Hulu)

Animaniacs (Hulu)
Animaniacs has gotten a second wind since getting added to Netflix back in 2016. Now, Hulu has scooped it up and given the classic cartoon a two-season, straight-to-series commitment. 90s babies will remember Yakoo, Wakoo and Dot, along with Pinky & the Brain, as a staple during "One Saturday Morning" cartoon programming. Hopefully, the three Warner siblings finally found their way out of the Warner Bros. water tower lot, which is where they've been trapped since the 30s. Steven Spielberg will return as executive producer. New episodes are set to air in 2020.

TV Fanatic Verdict: Don't let us down, Hulu!

12. Twilight Zone (CBS All Access)

Twilight Zone (CBS All Access)
The man that brought you the deliciously twisted Get Out is spearheading the reboot of equally-as-creepy 50s thriller Twilight Zone. Of course, we're talking about Jordan Peele. Back in December, CBS All Access announced that the Twilight Zone reincarnation was officially ordered to series. Peele said our current political climate — which in his eyes feels oddly like his own version of the twilight zone — has carved out the perfect moment for a modern spin on the anthology series that, in the past, delved into elements of science fiction, fantasy and horror. There have been multiple reboots of the series so that's a promising start.

TV Fanatic Verdict: If it's anything like American Horror Story, it'll be a hit!

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