25 Top TV Shows of All-Time

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If you're anything like us, you spend a lot of time hitting IMDB for entertainment stats. Not only do television studios use it to drop information about their programming, but viewers use it to let them know what we think.

It's IMDB's 25th anniversary and they site is pulling all kind of fun reports together in celebration. What TV shows have been voted the highest since their inception, on a scale of 1-10?

Well, some are expected, and some are not. Scroll through the photo gallery, and let us know how close to the mark the world is to your viewing habits!

1. Game of Thrones - 9.5

Game of Thrones - 9.5
Yep, it just won the Emmy Award for best drama, but fans already voted it the very best. Maybe the Academy decided to listen to the viewing public for once? There's no doubt the adaptation of the George RR Martin novels inspires conversation in the audience.

2. Breaking Bad - 9.5

Breaking Bad - 9.5
Bryan Cranston can do it all. From cranky dad on Malcolm in the Middle to badass anti-hero Walter White, he proved that he can transform himself into a character and keep audiences mesmerized with his performance. "Ozymandias" also holds a record for a single episode by maintinging the perfect score of 10 for several months after airing.

3. Sherlock - 9.3

Sherlock - 9.3
The BBC production of Sherlock that made Beneditct Cumberbatch an odd household name comes in at #3. The modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes is definitely one of the best.

4. Rick and Morty - 9.3

Rick and Morty - 9.3
This is only the first animated series on the list, but not the only one made for adults. Rick and Morty is about the adventures of an elderly, alcoholic scientist and his teenage grandson through space and time. Yep. That's a thing. A highly rated thing.

5. The Wire - 9.3

The Wire - 9.3
The Wire is considered one of the most realistic dramas ever brought to television, and it's also one of President Obama's favorite television series. Surely that's enough!

6. True Detective - 9.2

True Detective - 9.2
This rating could be proof of the staying power of True Detective Season 1, it could mean the viewing public has terrible taste or it could mean nobody bothered to vote during Season 2 or a combination of all three or none at all. You decide. Season 1 is worth the rating.

7. The Sopranos - 9.2

The Sopranos - 9.2
Tony Soprano wanted to figure things out, and that included a trip to the psychiatrist. Before The Sopranos, who knew mobsters were just like the rest of us? Well, sort of.

8. Avatar: The Last Airbender - 9.2

Avatar: The Last Airbender - 9.2
When a series that ran for three years is this highly rated, now we know why the M. Night Shayamalan movie was such a disappointment to fans!

9. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Never let it be said that aime lovers don't have strong opinions. This particular series was a reboot of a 2003 series that surpassed the original in quality. Jolly good show, Brotherhood!

10. Friends - 9.0

Friends - 9.0
This is a little comedy about pals that you guys might have heard about. It inspired a haircut and so, so much more. More than 20 million people watched every episode for the entirety of its run. Imagine that.

11. Arrested Development - 9.0

Arrested Development - 9.0
Arrested Development was so loved that is was brought back from the dead. It launched the careers of several actors and revitalized the careers of others. We're very grateful for that.

12. Batman: The Animated Series - 9.0

Batman: The Animated Series - 9.0
This is a darker toned animated series aimed toward the younger crowd that did really well from 1992-1995. That the rating still still stands up today says something.

13. Death Note - 9.0

Death Note - 9.0
Running only for one season, this Japanese anime was about an intelligent high school student who goes on a crusade to rid the world of criminals after discovering a magic notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it. It surpassed Dexter as the highest rated program of the year for 2006!

14. Cowboy Bebop - 9.0

Cowboy Bebop - 9.0
This is a space soap opera in the style of Firefly, anime style. This series about bounty hunters was a favorite of Quentin Tarantino and is a great place to start your introduction into anime, not to be overlooked as just another animated series.

15. House MD - 8.9

House MD - 8.9
The Sherlock Holmes of the medical profession, Gregory House could cure any disease and became a part of modern culture. How many times do you wish you could consult Dr. House? We all wish he could be out physician, even with his despicable bedside manner. The high score proves it.

16. Twin Peaks - 8.9

Twin Peaks - 8.9
Weird. Bizzarre. Acid trip. These are a few things that come to mind when you think of Twin Peaks, but so does high quality. It's never strayed far from our thoughts and will be returning to Showtime in 2016.

17. Oz - 8.9

Oz - 8.9
This gritty prison drama that ran from 1997-2003 on HBO was full of stars including Christopher Meloni, Edie Falco and Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, among others. It was mesmerizing. Don't hesitate to catch up!

18. Dragon Ball Z - 8.9

Dragon Ball Z - 8.9
It's kind of amazing how many animated series are on the list, right? This one started airing in Japan in 1989, only airing in the US starting in 1996. With the way the internet is, we'd never stand for that long of a wait now.

19. Gravity Falls - 8.8

Gravity Falls - 8.8
Voted the best show on television on IMDB in 2012, Forbes Magazine jumped on the bandwagon calling it the same in August 2015. It's about Dipper and Mabel Pines, who spend their summer at their uncle's cabin, The Mystery Shack, where strange things happen all around.

20. Six Feet Under - 8.8

Six Feet Under - 8.8
With as many shows that are on the air about murder and death, it only makes sense that at least one would finally make the cut about morticians. That it was so well written and featured such beautifully realized characters was the real surprise.

21. The X-Files - 8.7

The X-Files - 8.7
Will the rating go up for The X-Files as people revisit the series in time for the revival at the end of January? After all, you can never have enough Mulder and Scully. Conspiracy theories and the thought of aliens among us never grows old.

22. Flight of the Conchords - 8.7

Flight of the Conchords - 8.7
A folk rock band from New Zealand living in New York City as they search for fame? Uh, OK. Bring on the funny! Apparently this HBO series was first a BBC radio show before hitting the small screen in the US.

23. Father Ted - 8.7

Father Ted - 8.7
Fron 1995-1998 Father Ted had the Irish rolling in the aisles with laughter. You might have seen it on PBS or BBC America. Three priests and their housekeeper live on a small island off of Ireland. Of course, they've been banised for bad behavior! And, it was the highest rated series of 1995 on IMDB! Amen!

24. Coupling - 8.6

Coupling - 8.6
Don't worry! This is for the UK version of Coupling, not the US verison. While it wasn't a hit here, it was over there, and with good reason. It's really funny. These six friends have a much different filter than the ones mentioned earlier. They also have the top rated series of the year 2000 on IMDB, ahead of CSI, even!

25. The Adventures of Tintin - 8.3

The Adventures of Tintin - 8.3
This highly-rated series of an 80-year-old Belgian comic that aired on HBO in the US was about a young reporter and his faithful dog, Snowy, and their world advetures. It was the highest rated series on IMDB in 1992, ahead even of Home Improvement and Ren and Stimpy! The things you learn.

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