25 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Fitness Friends

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New year, new me. 

Does that sound familiar? That's because it's everyone's motto come the new year!

Usually, the slogan applies to fitness and health goals, but despite our best efforts, most of us just give up on those goals by the end of January. 

Things might look a little more promising if we had friends or trainers that would coach us, cheer us on and give us that final push when we're mentally and physically exhausted. 

It's even better when those "friends and trainers" are your favorite TV characters.

Check out our list of TV buffs who would make great fitness buddies and help us stay true to our New Year's resolutions. 



1. Mad Dog & Archie - Riverdale

We call this one the prison work-out. The only way out of prison? Being ripped. It's easy to think Archie is naturally swoll, but his determination and grit are the reasons for those rock hard abs. It won't be easy, but at least you'd have a one-up on Hiram Lodge.

2. Alex Parrish - Quantico

No one stands a chance against Alex Parrish. Did we mention she's an FBI and CIA agent that thwarted multiple terrorist attacks? The training she received at Quantico isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're up for it, she would whip your mind and body into shape!

3. Alex - Supergirl

The Director of the DEO has to be in pretty good shape because at any given moment she might have to face-off against supernatural creatures and dodge bullets. But her most impressive move? Scaling a building, doing a backflip and taking a guy down. Stick with Alex and you'll become super too.

4. Wyatt - Timeless

Wyatt's incredible physique comes in handy when he's fighting Rittenhouse in various time periods. Just looking at the ripped former Delta Force Soldier would motivate us to push our bodies to the limit. Did you see how buff he was when he came from the future? Whatever post-apocalyptic work-out plan he's on, we need it.

5. Ethan Choi - Chicago Med

The way Ethan Choi lets off steam from his stressful job? Pull-ups and push-ups in his condo. It just goes to show you that you get your fitness on whenever, wherever. Plus, since he's a doctor, he'd probably be able to give you some sound medical advice and some nutrition pointers.

6. Annalise Keating - How to Get Away with Murder

Have you seen how tough Annalise is in the courtroom? You need someone like that to push you to train harder each day. There's no way she'd adjourn your training session before it was complete. You don't actually think she just woke up with those flawless, toned arms, do you?

7. Alaric - Legacies

Alaric has always been a fierce fighter. He started off as a vampire hunter but his role has evolved into headmaster, overall monster hunter, and Hope's personal trainer. Just a quick look at their boxing session proves that Ric will have you thinking on your feet and being more in-tune with your body. He's not just a trainer, he's a mentor and he'll continuously push you to excel.

8. Jane, Celeste, Madeline - Big Little Lies

Join the Monterrey mommy running club and you'll meet your goals! Let's face it, working out alone can be a tad boring, but you'll be ten times more motivated if your friends are in it with you. Sure, Celeste, Jane and Madeline may be running from their problem, but they've also come out stronger and more confident.

9. Rafael - Jane the Virgin

On Tuesday's and Thursday's, he does biceps and triceps, and on Sunday's he blasts his core. His words, not ours. When he walks into a room, everyone immediately notices how ripped he is; his muscular arms and his impressive six-pack dazzle. As he once told Michael when he attempted to train him: the goal to success is just "prioritizing it." So grab those weights and lift, lift, lift.

10. Antonio Dawson and Jay Halstead - Chicago PD

You have to maintain your physical endurance when you're chasing dangerous criminals through the streets of Chicago. Dawson and Halstead's work ethic paired with their no-nonsense attitude would make them tough drill sergeants. And if you're really interested, Antonio also has experience training people in the ring. No excuses are going to work with these guys!

11. Olivia Benson - SVU

When she realized she wasn't in good enough shape to chase the bad guys anymore, Olivia Benson hired a personal trainer to return to her glory days. Given her background and resilient nature, she'd make an incredible coach that wouldn't let anything slide. And she'd definitely know if you had a "cheat day.”

12. Xander Kiriakis -Days of Our Lives

He might be a villain who is also considered to be dead, but the one thing you can be sure of is that Xander works out regularly. There’s a reason why the show has him shirtless at least half the time. We might not see it onscreen, but it’s obvious Xander practically lives at the gym.

13. Detective Kate Beckett - Castle

Beckett was in fantastic shape and maintained it for her job. She ran frequently and participated in sparring sessions at the precinct gym to ensure she could chase down the bad guys swiftly. Trying to keep up with her workout would get anyone in shape in no time.

14. Tim Bradford - The Rookie

Even after a recent gunshot wound, Tim was still able to take a wannabe member of a motorcycle gang down in a fight. The guy takes everything about his job seriously, including staying in top physical condition. He’d definitely push anyone he partnered with at the gym to keep up with him, and we wouldn't want to disappoint him.

15. Terry Jeffords - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sergeant Terry Jeffords had a tough childhood. The former linebacker was bullied, fat and had a serious food addiction. Thankfully, he forced himself to put an end to the cravings and now works out whenever possible. The show even makes it a point to show off his extremely ripped bod. Truthfully, we'd be intimidated to work out with him, but the results would speak for themselves.

16. Buck Buckeley - 9-1-1

You can thank his strict workout regimen for all those incredible rescues! Firefighters have to be in great shape due to their physically demanding jobs. Operating and carrying all the equipment demands upper-body strength which is why Buck Buckley hits the gym pretty regularly.

17. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Sure, he's a superhero, but Oliver is in fantastic shape! Shirtless pull-ups, boxing, you name it, he does it. He relies solely on his own body strength which has allowed him to have minimal body fat and optimal energy. If you want to fight crime like the Green Arrow, you have to get your body prepared. There's not quitting when he's around.

18. Jack Pearson - This Is Us

Sometimes, working out isn't strictly to look good on the outside, but to feel good on the inside. Jack suffered from PTSD after Vietnam, but he found peace when he glove met bag. He was eager to teach Randall how to box, but considering his penchant for speeches, we're sure Jack's tactics would involve some lifelong motivational advice.

19. Spencer - All American

Spencer is an ambitious football player with his whole future ahead of him when he's offered a scholarship in Beverly Hills. Bottom line: he's on the grind every day trying to improve his speed, agility, and weight training in order to stay in shape for the season and make his team proud.

20. Monica - Friends

Monica went from being an overweight teenager who liked food to an exquisite chef with an envious bod. Her Type A personality paired with her competitive nature make her a strict drill sergeant, even when she's coaching her own friends. Shut up and give her twenty!

21. Chris Traeger - Parks and Rec

Anyone who thinks a 15K is a "light run" is either delusional or dedicated to working out. Chris is the latter. He takes his workouts very seriously and is always on some strict diet. On the plus side, his comedic nature would surely lighten up the mood when things got tough.

22. Cherry - GLOW

Cherry is black magic in every sense of the term. Stunts, training, choreography -- Cherry excels in all making her the most experienced GLOW wrestler. Wrestling is a grueling sport, so before you step into the ring make sure you're physically strong with strength training, deadlifts, squats, weighted pull-ups and more. Be prepared, and don't make her show you the Axe Kick. You'll regret it.

23. Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This one is kind of a no-brainer since Josh is a personal trainer who met his man, Darryl, through his gig at the gym! He also eats well, works out all the time, and has the rock-hard abs to prove it.

24. Randall - This Is Us

Randall comes off as the family nerd so imagine my surprise when he took off his shirt and -- BOOM -- a full-blown six-pack. Tongues were wagging and I'm not talking about Beth's! But it shouldn't come as a surprise as we often see Randall either running on the treadmill or around his neighborhood. Be warned, he's a perfectionist who will always expect 110%.

25. Major - iZombie

Name a workout, the former college football player has probably mastered it. And that's a good thing because to kill zombies and earn the title of The Chaos Killer, you need to have physical strength. Being physically fit also helps major go up the ranks from Soldier to Commander at Fillmore-Graves where he trains cadets. Trust me, he won't let you down easy, but that's a good thing if you're serious about getting fit.

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