25 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Fitness Friends

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13. Detective Kate Beckett - Castle

Detective Kate Beckett - Castle
Beckett was in fantastic shape and maintained it for her job. She ran frequently and participated in sparring sessions at the precinct gym to ensure she could chase down the bad guys swiftly. Trying to keep up with her workout would get anyone in shape in no time.

14. Tim Bradford - The Rookie

Tim Bradford - The Rookie
Even after a recent gunshot wound, Tim was still able to take a wannabe member of a motorcycle gang down in a fight. The guy takes everything about his job seriously, including staying in top physical condition. He’d definitely push anyone he partnered with at the gym to keep up with him, and we wouldn't want to disappoint him.

15. Terry Jeffords - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry Jeffords - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Sergeant Terry Jeffords had a tough childhood. The former linebacker was bullied, fat and had a serious food addiction. Thankfully, he forced himself to put an end to the cravings and now works out whenever possible. The show even makes it a point to show off his extremely ripped bod. Truthfully, we'd be intimidated to work out with him, but the results would speak for themselves.

16. Buck Buckeley - 9-1-1

Buck Buckeley - 9-1-1
You can thank his strict workout regimen for all those incredible rescues! Firefighters have to be in great shape due to their physically demanding jobs. Operating and carrying all the equipment demands upper-body strength which is why Buck Buckley hits the gym pretty regularly.

17. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Oliver Queen - Arrow
Sure, he's a superhero, but Oliver is in fantastic shape! Shirtless pull-ups, boxing, you name it, he does it. He relies solely on his own body strength which has allowed him to have minimal body fat and optimal energy. If you want to fight crime like the Green Arrow, you have to get your body prepared. There's not quitting when he's around.

18. Jack Pearson - This Is Us

Jack Pearson - This Is Us
Sometimes, working out isn't strictly to look good on the outside, but to feel good on the inside. Jack suffered from PTSD after Vietnam, but he found peace when he glove met bag. He was eager to teach Randall how to box, but considering his penchant for speeches, we're sure Jack's tactics would involve some lifelong motivational advice.

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