25 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Fitness Friends

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19. Spencer - All American

Spencer - All American
Spencer is an ambitious football player with his whole future ahead of him when he's offered a scholarship in Beverly Hills. Bottom line: he's on the grind every day trying to improve his speed, agility, and weight training in order to stay in shape for the season and make his team proud.

20. Monica - Friends

Monica - Friends
Monica went from being an overweight teenager who liked food to an exquisite chef with an envious bod. Her Type A personality paired with her competitive nature make her a strict drill sergeant, even when she's coaching her own friends. Shut up and give her twenty!

21. Chris Traeger - Parks and Rec

Chris Traeger - Parks and Rec
Anyone who thinks a 15K is a "light run" is either delusional or dedicated to working out. Chris is the latter. He takes his workouts very seriously and is always on some strict diet. On the plus side, his comedic nature would surely lighten up the mood when things got tough.

22. Cherry - GLOW

Cherry - GLOW
Cherry is black magic in every sense of the term. Stunts, training, choreography -- Cherry excels in all making her the most experienced GLOW wrestler. Wrestling is a grueling sport, so before you step into the ring make sure you're physically strong with strength training, deadlifts, squats, weighted pull-ups and more. Be prepared, and don't make her show you the Axe Kick. You'll regret it.

23. Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Josh - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This one is kind of a no-brainer since Josh is a personal trainer who met his man, Darryl, through his gig at the gym! He also eats well, works out all the time, and has the rock-hard abs to prove it.

24. Randall - This Is Us

Randall - This Is Us
Randall comes off as the family nerd so imagine my surprise when he took off his shirt and -- BOOM -- a full-blown six-pack. Tongues were wagging and I'm not talking about Beth's! But it shouldn't come as a surprise as we often see Randall either running on the treadmill or around his neighborhood. Be warned, he's a perfectionist who will always expect 110%.

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