25 TV Couples That Never Should Have Happened

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Couples don't always work out, especially on television shows, and yet there are some cases to be made for relationships that should have never been explored.

Some of the reasons become time-wasting in the form of a predictable obstacle, or when they just aren't right for each other yet the audience is meant to follow along on their short-lived journey.

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There is also the question of how much a couple works when there are so many expectations from the fandom side of things. 

There are sometimes mistakes on TV when two people get together when it would have made more sense if that wasn't the focus. Here is a slideshow of just a few that jump out as blunders, either current or past. 

1. Mon-El and Kara - Supergirl

Mon-El and Kara - Supergirl
There is no way to avoid the obvious issue of Mon-El appearing on Supergirl and the way the narrative shifted focus. The issue with Mon-El and Kara was the way that Kara got lost in her own story, so them breaking up might be what the show needs for their lead.

2. Bellamy and Echo - The 100

Bellamy and Echo - The 100
How much time do you have for this one? Bellamy Blake's romantic life has been on the back burner pretty much always, so it is adding insult to injury to say this is the relationship that the male lead is worthy of being introduced in. Besides the obvious way that offscreen development means offscreen investment for the fans, it is a silly way to attempt to integrate Echo into the narrative as a newfound hero and not the enemy that we have known for so long.

But Echo was the villain, specifically to Bellamy for three seasons straight when she killed, almost killed, or attempted to harm everyone he cared about. It is unfair to expect Bellamy's offscreen forgiveness and popularity to do the work for Echo's redemption when it could have been done by just writing more content for Echo, because at the end of the day Season 5 didn't give her much anyway. And it wouldn't have disrespected Bellamy's character and the audience that blindly had to hear the time jump excuse as a way to sell something that frankly is doomed regardless.

3. Nancy and Jonathan - Stranger Things

Nancy and Jonathan - Stranger Things
Shelving away the fact that Jonathan took photos of Nancy that she didn't consent to, these two won't be able to last long. Maybe it is the way that the story brought them together, connecting over the search for the truth, but soon reality might fracture this idealized view of their relationship.

4. Alex and Sutton - The Bold Type

Alex and Sutton - The Bold Type
This is a strange one because Sutton and Alex themselves could have worked if only the show actually went all in with them. Their relationship and by extension Alex was treated as a way to stir something within Richard and his relationship with Sutton. Alex and his genuine feelings for Sutton were played with for a while and then shoved aside when he wasn't needed anymore and that was such a huge shame.

5. Jim and Karen - The Office

Jim and Karen - The Office
It was a disservice to Karen to bring her in almost as an obstacle to Jim/Pam. It was obvious where the story was going and Karen was used to prolong that for a season, which isn't fair to her as an individual. Jim knew he still loved Pam and the way he treated Karen for not being okay with this revelation wasn't what she deserved in this situation.

6. Stefan and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries
When you have a show dedicated to the idea that both brothers love the lead, it can be difficult to shift gears when you decide on an endgame. Stefan loved Elena, he in a way would always continue to no matter what she chose for her future. Caroline ended up a very clear second choice, which was proved when Stefan chose to sacrifice himself after just seemingly planning a future with Caroline.

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