27 Most Annoying TV Characters of 2018

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Not every character can leave us feeling as sweet as sugar.

Sometimes they irritate us, annoy us, or have us scratching our heads over the confusing moves they just made. For every character we absolutely loved or 'ship we wanted to see set sail, there was a character or two who rubbed us the wrong way.

This 2018 list is for them.

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Below, we've picked out 27 characters across sitcoms, soapy dramas, and everything in between who brought on the fury. Each one left their marks for all the wrong reasons.

So, let's boil some tea, grab some salty chips, and check out the options below!

Did yours make the list? Share in the comments below.

1. Archie Andrews - Riverdale

Archie Andrews - Riverdale
The boy-next-door of our dreams was more like a nightmare during 2018. Archie had a terrible case of making one bad decision after another, especially while working for Hiram and during his pursuit of The Black Hood. And, what's worse was that he never truly learned from his mistakes. Whenever we thought Archie got back on track, he fell back into bad habits. Seriously Archie, will you ever change?

2. Cristal Jennings - Dynasty

Cristal Jennings - Dynasty
You can easily tell a character is annoying fans when a nickname is made like "The New Cristal" to show their frustration. Cristal isn't a terrible character, but how she was introduced/created served her no favors. The future Mrs. Carrington seems like a carbon copy of the former character of the same name; she's merely meant to fill the spot of Nathalie Kelley when she left the show. It's hard living up to a dynamic character when the new one serves no purpose.

3. Delilah Dixon - A Million Little Things

Delilah Dixon - A Million Little Things
There's a difference between cool/calm and being ... Delilah. After a tragic moment like her husband committing suicide, shouldn't she be more concerned or affected by the loss? Delilah has shown little interest in her husband's death or the reason for why he did it. She has been wrapped up more in her affair and thinking about herself than the gravity of the situation.

4. Morgan Reznick - The Good Doctor

Morgan Reznick - The Good Doctor
Dr. Morgan Reznick loves to speak her mind and tell the truth, but her #nofilter has seriously rubbed people the wrong way. Her words to her fellow colleagues cross into being crass and rude on many occasions, with her focusing her attention on Claire and Shaun more so than the others. None of this acceptable, especially in the workplace.

5. Marcus Pierce - Lucifer

Marcus Pierce - Lucifer
Marcus' likability lasted as long as his true identity stayed a mystery. Once we discovered he was Cain, his character took a trip on a roller coaster of strange plot points. He wanted to die, he dated Chloe, he fake married Lucifer, and so on! Marcus had so much potential to be a great character (and that's probably what is the most annoying thing about him).

6. Lizzie Saltzman - Legacies

Lizzie Saltzman - Legacies
Lizzie is the Regina George of the Salvatore School, but with none of the love-to-hate quality. She's a self-absorbed mean girl who is only focused on herself instead of caring for others. Lizzie takes her sister, Josie, for granted and cares more about her own wants/needs. Though, when she does think of others, it's more about how it connects to her.

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