27 Of The Most Seductive Serial Killers On TV

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19. Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
It's not every day you learn that your dreamy boyfriend went through a serial killer phase like you would puberty, but that is one of the privileges being an immortal vampire can afford you. Would you dump him after a revelation like that? I definitely won't. Not when he looks like that.

20. Sylar (Heroes)

Sylar (Heroes)
Easily the best part of Heroes during its heyday. Sylar tracked down every superpowered individual he could and murdered them so he can take their powers. He managed to avoid detection for a while, and it's not hard to see why.

21. Landry Clarke (Friday Night Lights)

Landry Clarke (Friday Night Lights)
It started with an arbitary murder borne of a jealous rage. But I guess everyone has to start somewhere, right? Slowly, the remorse he felt began to fade until it was no longer there. His next victim was a little kid, then a single mother, and he just kept going from there. Still, a hot body always trumps evil character any day.

22. Rene Lenier (True Blood)

Rene Lenier (True Blood)
His hatred for the supernaturals of Bon Temps, especially the vampires and the people who associated with them made him a despicable person we want nothing to do with. Then we look at that body and that face, and all those concerns go straight out the window. He even made growing a mustache and a goatee seem like great ideas.

23. Betty Beaumontaine (Wicked City)

Betty Beaumontaine (Wicked City)
She was supposed to be The Sunset Strip killer's next victim. Instead, he fell in love with her. He went a step further and asked her to commit murders with him. Not that I'd know anything about it, but I imagine that is like the serial killer equivalent of a marriage proposal.

24. George Foyet (Criminal Minds)

George Foyet (Criminal Minds)
You may remember him as the Boston Reaper. He has that scruffy, middle-aged man vibe that a lot of people dig. He's also got those greying temples that can make you want to rationalize his violent, brutal ways.

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