29 TV Characters Who Look Good in Orange

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25. Cookie - Empire

Cookie - Empire
Cookie took the fall for her husband after being involved in a drug deal gone bad, which landed her behind bars for 17 years and prevented her from getting to know her son's. Once she's free, Cookie comes back to claim what's hers: Lucious' empire and her family.

26. Red - The Blacklist

Red - The Blacklist
The criminal mastermind and "most wanted man in America" finally landed behind bars after evading authorities for nearly three decades. Shortly after Red helped the FBI foil a bomb plot at the UN building, he was caught off guard and arrested while innocently buying a celebratory pretzel from a street cart.

27. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke - Revenge

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke - Revenge
Amanda Clarke, who later assumed the identity, Emily Thorne, from a girl she met in a maximum security juvenile correctional facility when she was 13 spent most of her life trying to get revenge on the Grayson family, the people responsible for framing her father. She finds herself in prison again after Victoria Grayson fakes her death to frame her and lock her up permanently.

28. Barbara - Gotham

Barbara - Gotham
Barbara killing her parents was a turning point in her character trajectory. She'd gone off the deep end, enjoyed being a villain and wreaking havoc, and clearly wasn't going to get better at Arkham Asylum.

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