29 TV Characters Who Were Too Good to Last

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7. Danny Pink (Doctor Who)

Danny Pink (Doctor Who)
Danny Pink, also known as Dan the Soldier Man, was Clara Oswald's love interest in Doctor Who Season 8. Despite people asking if he'd killed anyone while he was a soldier, Danny responds with the fact that he dug 23 wells, making him the most Doctor-like love interest. He died on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11, "Dark Water," after being hit by a car. Only then he came back as a Cyberman and then sacrificed himself by commanding all of the Cybermen to foil Missy's diabolical plan.

8. Eden Blaine (The Handmaid's Tale)

Eden Blaine (The Handmaid's Tale)
Eden might have entered The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 under suspicion, but the 15-year-old character ended up chasing true love to the point where it got her killed. In the penultimate episode of The Handmaid's Tale Season 2, Eden ran off with a guardian named Issac after June encouraged her to grab love wherever she could. In the eyes of Gilead, that made them adulterers, and they were drowned in a pool in an end that viewers didn't see coming.

9. Bill Pargrave (Killing Eve)

Bill Pargrave (Killing Eve)
Not many coworkers will call a superior a "dickswab" for you. Bill was a good friend to Eve. He stood by her, and he defended her when he needed to. In the end, that’s probably why he had to die at the hands of Villanelle halfway through the first season of Killing Eve.

10. Bob Newby (Stranger Things)

Bob Newby (Stranger Things)
We may not have liked him because he came between Joyce and Hopper, but he was a good guy who ultimately helped. Not only was he able to find Hopper and figure out Will's drawings, but when it counted he saved Joyce and the rest of the characters. Sadly he couldn't escape himself, getting attacked by demi-dogs at Hawkins Lab.

11. Jon Dixon (A Million Little Things)

Jon Dixon (A Million Little Things)
A Million Little Things starts with Jon’s death but over the course of the first season, we realize that maybe he’s not hiding something shady after all. Jon had a good heart, and although he struggled with depression that doesn't erase his kind acts.

12. Maya Vie (The 100)

Maya Vie (The 100)
Maya Vie was one of the "mountain men" on The 100 Season 2. While the President and the doctors were getting ready to extract bone marrow from the space kids she sided with them. Unfortunately, there was no out for her when Clarke pulled the lever irradiating Level 5, killing all of the inhabitants of Mount Weather.

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