29 TV Children Who Are Wiser Than Their Years

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More than just a cute face or an emotional place-holder, television children often lead the way with straightforward wisdom and precocious problem-solving.

All too often, they've been forced to shoulder responsibilities far too early.

Sometimes, circumstances are just right for their talents to shine.

And then there are times when they really are the smartest person in the room.

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So whether they're actually the Devil or just a little dickens, off-the-scales clever or an annoying know-it-all, these kids hold their own in strange and challenging circumstances.

1. Trixie Espinoza -- Lucifer

Trixie Espinoza -- Lucifer
In the beginning... there was Trixie. And it was Good. Better than good, Trixie's super-power is being able to connect with everyone. After all, her bestie is Mazikeen, head torture demon of Hell. Furthermore, there's a solid chance (at least in my mind) that she'll grow up to be a time-traveling Ella.

2. Ty Finn -- The Orville

Ty Finn -- The Orville
Ty is a musical prodigy but otherwise, he's a pretty typical, if inordinately adorable, space-traveling kid. It's kind of perfect that his piano instructor is Isaac, a Kaylon A.I. being. Besides being far more musically skilled than any human counterpart aboard The Orville, Isaac develops whatever passes for affection in a Kaylon for Ty and his mother and that ends up saving the Planetary Union when the Kaylons attack.

3. Diane Johnson -- black-ish

Diane Johnson -- black-ish
Diane's never been subtle about how smart she is but as she's entered adolescence, she's learned to hone to talents to further her own goals. What that looks like is the birth of a super-villain. Just ask Charlie how scary she can be.

4. Max Fuller -- Fuller House

Max Fuller -- Fuller House
Very much the middle child, "Mighty" Max adores his older brother but isn't above pulling Jackson's strings when circumstances give Max the upper-hand. Bright but insecure, he thrives in the bustling household, filled with lots of family and friends who have his back.

5. Gracie Sheffield -- The Nanny

Gracie Sheffield -- The Nanny
Written to be little more than the cute-enough-to-give-you-cavities Cindy Brady of the Sheffield clan, Gracie often advised Nanny Fran on personal dilemmas with a more worldly perspective than you'd expect.

6. Malcolm Wilkerson - Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm Wilkerson - Malcolm in the Middle
Tapped for the gifted program at school when he just wants to survive adolescence unscathed by bullies, Malcolm was cursed with the spotlight by the bane of all kids seeking normalcy -- POTENTIAL.

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