29 TV Deaths That Gutted Us in 2018

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7. Kanan Stark -- Power

Kanan Stark -- Power
Kanan had escaped death time and time again, to the point where it was becoming comical. But Power really went there this summer by killing off one of the biggest characters on the show. His death has been mourned and forgotten already by most, except Tariq who played a hand in his death and also saw him die. This is sure to have a profound impact moving forward, as he tries to follow in the footsteps of both his father and his late mentor.

8. Madison Clark -- Fear the Walking Dead

Madison Clark -- Fear the Walking Dead
The choice to kill Madison Clark off is concerning. It plays into a pattern of women beyond that 20-year-old age range becoming more disposable, something that happened on Major Crimes with Mary McDonnell too. It just felt off.

9. Dolls -- Wynonna Earp

Dolls -- Wynonna Earp
Dolls was beloved by the characters and fans alike and his death really hit viewers hard. Although he left a heartbroken Wynonna behind to mourn him, his relationship with her will always be one of the best in the series. Dolls touched the lives of all his friends and always put himself in the line of fire if it meant saving someone else. His huge heart will not soon be forgotten.

10. Julie Swagger -- Shooter

Julie Swagger -- Shooter
We spent the entire season thinking Bob Lee's wife and daughter were untouchable. That turned out to be a lie. Julie was always Bob Lee's moral compass, and the two of them had hit a rough patch but made amends in the middle of a gunfight. Of course, the cardinal rule of Shooter is that Bob Lee can never be happy for long. Killing Julie was devastating for the fandom, but she went out like the badass that she was.

11. Klaus Mikaelson --The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson --The Originals
This death caused SUCH the melt-down in the fan base. After all, Klaus was quite literally one of the originals of The Originals. Many felt that his death was a total ploy to push the spin-off, cheap ending for the character, as well as a lazy way to write a redemption arc...ugh.

12. Kelly Anne Van Awken -- Queen of the South

Kelly Anne Van Awken -- Queen of the South
Kelly Anne had become a part of Teresa’s inner circle. She considered Teresa like a sister so when she betrayed her to Devon Finch and the Feds it was devastating. The worst was when Pote couldn’t look at Kelly Anne and pull the trigger. James had to step in and do it for him.

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