30 Top Shows from The Disco Era

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Forty years ago, televisions didn't look quite as different as it does today. In fact, it starts to look a lot more like our present day telly in a lot of ways.

The number of households with TV sets went up from about 55,000,000 ten years earlier to 71,200,000. The numbers you're seeing in the show represents total viewers.

Skim through the slideshow below for some hints on what's similar, and if you missed our 30 Top Shows from the Swinging Sixties, get a look at what you could have been watching 50 years ago! Yikes.

30. Alice

Alice – CBS – 14,240,000 – Alice was a show about three waitresses and their big dolt of a diner owner. Three women driving a man crazy.

29. The Tony Randall Show

The Tony Randall Show
The Tony Randall Show – ABC – 14,311,200 – Considered a flop, I watched the pilot while researching the show. They were right.

28. ABC Friday Night Movie

ABC Friday Night Movie
ABC Friday Night Movie – ABC – 14,382,400 – America was still enjoying the occasional movie of the week or the theatrical run on TV.

27. Sanford and Son

Sanford and Son
Sanford and Son – NBC – 14,453,600 – It turns out there is a lot of fun to be had between a son and his father who runs a junkyard. Redd Foxx was a funny man!

26. Good Times

Good Times
Good Times – CBS – 14,596,000 – Good Times was about a poor African American family having good times despite it all while living in the housing projects in Chicago. As JJ would say, Dy-No-Mite!!!

25. What's Happening!!

What's Happening!!
What's Happening!! – ABC – 14,880,800 – Three best friends learn about life and love and a whole lot more in the inner city. Remember the allusion to the show on This Is Us? Hey, hey, hey!!!

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