31 Best Shows of 2017 You're Not Watching!

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Some of these shows have been around for quite some time, and others made their debut in 2017.

A couple of them have ended or were canceled, or may, unfortunately, be on their way towards cancellation, but one thing they all have in common is that they all are fantastic shows that are criminally underrated.

Also, many of you aren't watching them for some reason! 

In this Peak TV era where there are too many shows and not nearly enough time to watch them, it's easy for a few of them to slip under the radar. Below is a list of shows that you may not have checked out, but you definitely should!

Are there any hidden gems or underappreciated series missing? Sound off below!

1. Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
The world is in dire need of more joy and kindness. That's why it's baffling that more people aren't tuned into this ABC feel-good family dramedy. It's absolutely delightful and will make you cry happy tears every installment. Jason Ritter is an absolute treasure as Kevin, a formerly selfish, unhappy, depressed man who has found purpose in life with a mission as the last of the Righteous.

You'll have to watch to fully understand the gist of it, just know that with the help and support of his angel, Yvette, his sister, niece, and friends, Kevin is becoming a better person. If you were a fan of Eli Stone or Pushing Daisies, with a dash of Touched By An Angel, you'll love this. Will Kevin Save the World? Who knows? But he'll definitely steal your heart.

2. The Sinner

The Sinner
This USA sleeper summer hit was a critical darling, but it didn't have as big of an audience as it deserved. Based on the novel of the same name, The Sinner is about a young wife and mother who suddenly kills someone publicly on a beach and has no idea why. Evocative and thrilling, it will have you on the edge of your seats.

3. The Arrangement

The Arrangement
This wildly addictive drama can be found on E!. The premise is wild from beginning to end: when an actress signs an unusual contract, it will completely throw her world off balance. Dating a high-profile actor isn't anything like she envisioned, especially not when "The Institute" comes into play. We're not saying this is about cult-religions in the entertainment industry, but we're not disagreeing if someone else brings it up. It's a twisted ride that's deliciously good.

4. Claws

If you haven't been watching Claws on TNT, then you are seriously missing out on one of the funniest, most creative, entertaining shows of the year. Claws burst onto the scene with its colorful characters, crazy plots, and so many laughs. The show follows ambitious Floridian manicurists just trying to make something of themselves and getting caught up in shady drug dealings and other crimes along the way.

Niecy Nash is at her best yet as the ringleader and "Mom" friend, Desna, and Carrie Preston as sweet but full of surprises Polly is an absolute hoot. The entire cast is phenomenal, and the show champions sisterhood among all of the hijinks and craziness, of course.

5. Travelers

How can you go wrong with this Netflix sci-fi hit starring Eric McCormack? You can't. The future is bleak according to the time travelers in this gem of a show, and as a result, they have been tasked with traveling to the early 21st century (our present) and essentially trying to save the world. You know, the usual.

But between inhabiting bodies that aren't their own while keeping up appearances, and dealing with conflicting orders, protocols, and other such complications, their task is far from easy. It's the perfect type of sci-fi show that appeals to those who love the genre and those who don't. The second season is currently on Netflix. You should definitely check it out.

6. Dynasty

Yes, it's one of those pesky reboots, but the CW's version of Dynasty is good old-fashion fun. They didn't try to make it something spectacular. It's not a show that takes itself too seriously nor tries to be something it isn't. This isn't a very dark version of the classic. Nope, it's just soapy, absurd, mindless, dramatic fun. Who doesn't need a little ridiculous, soapy fun sometimes? Check it out.

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