31 Friendships That Weren't Ruined by Love Triangles

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Love triangles can be interesting to watch when done right, but there's no denying that they do their fair share of damage. 

They test friendships and put an unnecessary strain on potential romances. 

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Thankfully, some friendships are strong enough to survive even the most annoying and dreaded love triangles on television. 

Sometimes we're lucky enough to not even experience a problem between characters despite two friends being into the same person.

Check out our list below of 31 friendships that weren't ruined by a love triangle! 

1. Miley and Lily - Hannah Montana

This is quite the throwback, but does anyone remember Miley and Lily's vicious battle over heartthrob actor Jake Ryan? These two really got into it at the school dance all those years ago. But at the end of the day, love won. And by love, we mean the love between Miley and Lily, obviously.

2. Jess and Reagan - New Girl

Despite being in love with Nick, Jess never once tried to lead Regan astray. She even flew Reagan in to see Nick as a special surprise. Reagan hadn't had a lot of luck with friends in her life, but she does admit Jess was the best girlfriend she has ever had.

3. Peyton and Brooke - One Tree Hill

They may have had their fair share of fights because of Lucas, but it turns out that nothing could keep these best friends apart for long.

4. Betty and Veronica - Riverdale

Things got a little awkward when Veronica ended up dating Betty's long-time crush and best friend, but they were able to move past it and grow even closer.

5. Alex and Nico - Marvel's Runaways

This one's a little unique considering Alex and Nico actually dated. When Nico realized she had feelings for Karolina things got a little weird between all of them but they managed to stay good friends who have each other's back.

6. Lauren and Kaylie - Make It or Break It

Their friendship definitely wasn't ruined by a love triangle but it was put on a temporary hold. Lauren slept with Kaylie's boyfriend so we can't actually blame Kaylie for being upset. But at the end of the day, they were able to reconcile and both dumped Carter after he was exposed for the jerk he was.

7. Dwight and Andy - The Office

They were nemesis turned besties. In fact, their mutual anger with Angela for cheating on them both was what helped cause a friendship to blossom.

8. Joey and Chandler - Friends

Chandler spent quite a few episodes beating himself up over his feelings for Joey's girlfriend. In fact, he even stayed in a box for hours and gave her up to prove his loyalty to Joey. But Joey, of course, wanted Chandler to be happy, so he encouraged him to go after the girl he loved.

9. James and Winn - Supergirl

Even though they were both in love with Kara, James and Winn showed nothing but respect for each other. While neither of them actually ended up with her, they both did get an awesome new bff.

10. Blair and Serena - Gossip Girl

Blair and Serena got into all sorts of fights. They both dated Nate and they both dated Dan which did cause some issues in their friendship. But at the end of the day, they remained best friends regardless of their relationship statuses.

11. Monica and Fallon - Dynasty

Monica may have been out for revenge when she had an affair with Culhane, but it didn't keep Monica and Fallon apart. It took some time, but these two ladies have been best friends since high school and there was no way a man was going to ruin that.

12. Bay and Daphne - Switched at Birth

Bay and Emmett were an unlikely pairing, but they did end up working well together. However, Daphne was a bit jealous of Bay's relationship with her best friend. Thankfully, it didn't impact their friendship too much or their love for each other.

13. Shelby and Alex - Quantico

Alex's response to Ryan and Shelby's relationship was surprisingly okay. There were no cat fights (thankfully) or really any anger. The friendship between Shelby and Alex stayed in tact just fine.

14. Barney and Ted - How I Met Your Mother

When Ted and Robin dated it was pretty serious, so of course Barney falling in love with her was going to cause issues. Ted initially called off their friendship when Barney slept with her, but immediately became his friend again when Barney was hit by a bus trying to get to Ted in the hospital. They both struggle with their feelings for Robin throughout the series, but they stay best friends throughout it.

15. Maya and Riley - Girl Meets World

Nothing was coming in between these besties. Not even Lucas. At the end of the day, they made it clear they would always choose each other no matter.

16. Ben and Danny - Baby Daddy

Despite his feelings for Riley, Danny never wanted to do anything to hurt his brother. Even though there were quite a few ups and downs in the show, Ben and Danny always loved each other.

17. Amberle and Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles

Amberle and Eretria started off as enemies both in love with the same guy. But over the course of the season, they learned to trust and care for each other outside of their individual relationships with Wil.

18. Malia and Lydia - Teen Wolf

This had the potential to be a messy situation. Lydia was a little jealous of Malia's relationship with Stiles and wasn't a big fan of her's when they first met. That didn't stop them from eventually becoming friends and Malia being supportive towards Lydia when she and Stiles got together after her breakup with him.

19. Maddie and Ryn - Siren

This is an interesting one. Ryn did get between Maddie and her boyfriend but not really in the way you would expect. In fact, she brought them everyone closer together as both Maddie and Ben harbor feelings for Ryn and the show seems to be taking the poly route.

20. Upton and Burgess - Chicago PD

Burgess isn't overly thrilled about Ruzek and Upton's relationship at first considering Ruzek is her ex. But they manage to overcome it and stay friends.

21. Stefan and Damon - The Vampire Diaries

There was definitely drama between these two brothers to say the least. But before Elena came into their lives Stefan and Damon were out to kill each other. By the end of the show, Damon made it to the afterlife and finally reunited with his brother which was his idea of true peace. Their heartwarming reunion was the final shot of the series.

22. Spencer and Hanna - Pretty Little Liars

Spencer dating Caleb was a little bit surprising. No one really saw it coming until it happened. Despite both Spener and Hanna having feelings for him, they didn't let it come between them.

23. Leslie and Ann - Parks and Recreation

Even though Mark Brendanawicz was pretty much the worst, there's no denying that Leslie had a crush on him but he was into Ann. Ann refused to entertain the idea of dating him so she wouldn't hurt Leslie, but Leslie called Mark and set him and Ann up on a date despite her personal feelings. The besties never had any issues as their primary concern was the other's happiness.

24. Seth and Richie - From Dusk Till Dawn

It was a bit unclear about how Richie felt about Kate. He did kiss her once and he obviously cared for her a lot. However, Seth always seemed to have a stronger bond with Kate and had the show not been canceled a romance between them would've been inevitable. While Kate's did cause some fights between them, they were still brothers through thick and thin.

25. Isaac and Scott - Teen Wolf

Scott didn't necessarily love the idea of Isaac and Allison together, but he did love both of his friends. He never tried to make them feel awkward about their relationship and cared for Isaac (as well as Allison) unconditionally.

26. Mark and Jackson - Grey's Anatomy

Nothing was ever going to come in between the Plastics Posse. Both men did date Lexie but it really didn't have much of an impact on their relationship with each other.

27. Simon and Clary - Shadowhunters

The Jace/Simon/Clary love triangle wasn't the most fun storyline. Even people who didn't read the books knew where it was headed so it was kind of annoying to watch it drag out. But despite Clary and Simon breaking up and Clary dating Jace, they still remain bffs to this day.

28. Tahani and Janet - The Good Place

Janet had to watch Jason date Tahani in a couple different reboots, which was understandably hard on her. However, Tahani realized she and Jason wouldn't work and even tried to help Janet and Jason get together when she figured out Janet's feelings for him.

29. Matt and Steve - Fuller House

Matt and Steve are one of the funniest relationships in Fuller House. They actually bonded over both being in love with DJ and became best friends.

30. Jane and Petra - Jane the Virgin

Rather than being pitted against each other, Jane and Petra's realtionship actually became stronger because of Rafael.

31. Clarke and Raven - The 100

Thank goodness for Finn. Without his screwup, we wouldn't have the beautiful relationship that is Princess Mechanic. After only days of being sent to the ground, Finn cheated on Raven with Clarke who was unaware he had a girlfriend. Because of this, Raven wasn't Clarke's biggest fan, but they eventually formed a stronger bond than either of them had ever had with Finn.

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