31 Friendships That Weren't Ruined by Love Triangles

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Love triangles can be interesting to watch when done right, but there's no denying that they do their fair share of damage. 

They test friendships and put an unnecessary strain on potential romances. 

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Thankfully, some friendships are strong enough to survive even the most annoying and dreaded love triangles on television. 

Sometimes we're lucky enough to not even experience a problem between characters despite two friends being into the same person.

Check out our list below of 31 friendships that weren't ruined by a love triangle! 

1. Miley and Lily - Hannah Montana

Miley and Lily - Hannah Montana
This is quite the throwback, but does anyone remember Miley and Lily's vicious battle over heartthrob actor Jake Ryan? These two really got into it at the school dance all those years ago. But at the end of the day, love won. And by love, we mean the love between Miley and Lily, obviously.

2. Jess and Reagan - New Girl

Jess and Reagan - New Girl
Despite being in love with Nick, Jess never once tried to lead Regan astray. She even flew Reagan in to see Nick as a special surprise. Reagan hadn't had a lot of luck with friends in her life, but she does admit Jess was the best girlfriend she has ever had.

3. Peyton and Brooke - One Tree Hill

Peyton and Brooke - One Tree Hill
They may have had their fair share of fights because of Lucas, but it turns out that nothing could keep these best friends apart for long.

4. Betty and Veronica - Riverdale

Betty and Veronica - Riverdale
Things got a little awkward when Veronica ended up dating Betty's long-time crush and best friend, but they were able to move past it and grow even closer.

5. Alex and Nico - Marvel's Runaways

Alex and Nico - Marvel's Runaways
This one's a little unique considering Alex and Nico actually dated. When Nico realized she had feelings for Karolina things got a little weird between all of them but they managed to stay good friends who have each other's back.

6. Lauren and Kaylie - Make It or Break It

Lauren and Kaylie - Make It or Break It
Their friendship definitely wasn't ruined by a love triangle but it was put on a temporary hold. Lauren slept with Kaylie's boyfriend so we can't actually blame Kaylie for being upset. But at the end of the day, they were able to reconcile and both dumped Carter after he was exposed for the jerk he was.

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