31 of the Finest Gentlemen on Television

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7. Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp

Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp
Doc Holliday comes from a different time where men were true gentlemen. Despite the fact that he's a cursed man, it hasn't kept him from being honest, patient, and extremely kind. He can tip his hat to us anytime!

8. Eric Taylor - Friday Night Lights

Eric Taylor - Friday Night Lights
Coach Taylor is an all-around decent guy who knows how to balance career and family. As dedicated as he is to his team, he's even more so to his family. He's fair, kind, and perfect in every way.

9. Harold Finch - Person of Interest

Harold Finch - Person of Interest
Well-mannered, cultured, and mysterious, Finch is the type of guy who'd be first in line to hold an umbrella open for you if it started raining outside. He may be a billionaire genius, but it's all part of his quirky charm.

10. Fred Andrews - Riverdale

Fred Andrews - Riverdale
Fred Andrews is a down-to-earth guy who knows the value of hard work and honest living. He's self-sufficient, kind, smart, and charming with a smile that could melt a million hearts in moments.

11. Joe West - The Flash

Joe West - The Flash
A good-natured guy with a great sense of humor, Joe West wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't afraid to show it. He's honest and reliable and the guy who'd hold you tight when you've had the worst day of your life.

12. John Luther - Luther

John Luther - Luther
Underneath Luther's tough exterior is a passionate and humble man who believes love is one of the most important things in the world. His skill at comforting victims is one of his most endearing qualities. He's someone you can depend on in good times and bad.

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