33 Shows We Can't Believe Ever Existed

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How bad has television been over the years? Oh, pretty darn bad.

Take a look at some of the shows we can't believe ever existed in the gallery below. Some are self-explanatory, and others need a little help.

Do you remember these duds? If so, we're sorry to bring back memories that are likely less than fond. If not, there's a reason for that ...

1. Manimal - 1983

Manimal - 1983
Manimal won't die. 1983 was a great year for terrible television and Maminal was one of the less than fortunate series to die an early death that season. Airing only eight episodes, it was about a professor who could turn into any animal to fight crime. In 2014 Will Ferrell announced he'd take it to the big screen and the full series will arrive on DVD in Nov. 2015. You're welcome.

2. AfterMASH - 1983-85

AfterMASH - 1983-85
It turns out that nobody wanted to follow the antics of Klinger, Col. Potter and Father Mulcuhy after the war ended. Yet it still lasted longer than one season. Ride on that M*A*S*H success!

3. The Charmings - 1987-88

The Charmings - 1987-88
I bet the people who created this little gem about Prince Charming and Snow White living in modern day Burbank kick themselves every time they watch Once Upon a Time. It's all about doin' it right, my friends.

4. Homeboys in Outer Space - 1996-97

Homeboys in Outer Space - 1996-97
A pair of astronauts travel the universe in Space Hoopty, a car-shaped rocket ship. Because why?

5. Cavemen - 2007

Cavemen - 2007
A good idea for a 30 second commerical spot does not necessarily translate to a 23 minute sitcom. Whoever thought a TV series about three cavemen living in modern times certainly learned that lesson in a snap.

6. Me and the Chimp - 1972

Me and the Chimp - 1972
A former NASA chimp finds a new human family. Hijinks ensue. Or not.

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