33 Couples Who Were Robbed of Their Endgame

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If you're an avid TV watcher, it's almost impossible not to have that one ship that deserved better. No matter what the circumstance was, that couple should've ended up together yet they didn't.

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In fact, we can think of a lot more than one couple that we wish had a different ending than they got.

Check out 33 couples below that were robbed of their endgame! 

1. Scott and Allison - Teen Wolf

Whether you shipped them or not (and how could you not?) everyone believed they were going to end up together. And they definitely would have had Crystal Reed decided to stay on the show. Instead, Allison died in Scott's arms and declared her love for him once last time. And nope, nothing will ever be okay again.

2. Lanie and Espo - Castle

The drew them together and tore them apart mostly off screen. They could have been fantastic together but the show barely allowed enough time on screen to acknowledge their existence before breaking them apart once again.

3. Mike and Susan - Desperate Housewives

They really made us sit through eight seasons of Mike and Susan's ups and downs just for him to be shot in a drive-by seconds after professing his love to Susan. Talk about a giant let down.

4. Tommy and Lindy - Eye Candy

Canceling the series after that cliffhanger was just cruel. Tommy spent the entire season being head over heels in love with Lindy only for them to end the show with so much more to explore between them.

5. Amy and Karma - Faking It

The entire premise of the show was about Amy realizing she was in love with her best friend. But after seasons of Karma trying to figure out her own feelings, the show was canceled before they got the chance to try and make it work.

6. Abbie and Ichabod - Sleepy Hollow

Their chemistry was out of this world and they pretty much behaved like a married couple. Abbie and Ichabod were literally brought together by fate and went to hell and back for each other, but they killed Abbie without them sharing so much as a kiss.

7. Wynonna and Dolls - Wynonna Earp

Dolls' death was absolutely tragic. His bond with Wynonna was beautiful and their connection was strong from the start. While she may move on eventually, Wynonna will never forget how much Dolls meant to her or what could've been.

8. Bay and Emmett - Switched at Birth

Bay and Emmett's love story was always one of the main storylines on Switched at Birth. The fact that he cheated on her felt pointless and out of character, but they still managed to move past it and be together. However, Bay ended the series with Travis which came completely out of nowhere.

9. Stefan and Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena had a series of ups and downs, but there's no denying that their relationship started out wholesome and pure. Even the series creators admitted that if Nina Dobrev hadn't left the show, they would've loved to see if Stelena could've found their way back to each other.

10. Lucas and Maya - Girl Meets World

Lucas and Maya not ending up together was probably one of the worst twists Disney ever tried to pull. Because Maya started being more responsible and getting better grades in school, the show insisted it was because she was turning into her best friend Riley and therefore associating Riley's feelings with her own. Which made no sense and was a total cop-out but okay.

11. Buffy and Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We are still Team Angel to this day. Buffy and Angel always brought out the best in each other and they deserved their happy ending.

12. Jess and Rory - Gilmore Girls

Jess and Rory should've been together and everyone knows it. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Viewers were officially robbed.

13. Clay and Hannah - 13 Reasons Why

Clay and Hannah's story was heartbreakingly tragic. Hannah only put Clay on her tapes so he would know why she did what she did, and so he would know just how much Hannah cared about him. Clay loved Hannah with everything he had, but unfortunately, it was too late.

14. Mark and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Mark and Lexie singlehandedly beat out every couple on Grey's for best relationship. After Lexie told Mark she was still in love with him, they both ended up in a tragic plane crash during which Mark confessed his own love as Lexie lay dying. He later succumbed to his own injuries when he made it back to the hospital, but Mark was okay with his fate because "Lexie was waiting for him."

15. Regina and Robin - Once Upon a Time

This one hit especially hard. Regina spent all of Once Upon a Time's run striving to be a better person and find happiness. When she finally found the person who loved her unconditionally, he was taken from her in a moment of self-sacrifice.

16. Seth and Kate - From Dusk Till Dawn

These two had so much build-up and potential. They were single-handedly what made the show worth watching and fans deserved their storyline played out in all its glory. While the season ended on a good note, it didn't give Seth and Kate fans the closure they deserved for a series finale.

17. Klaus and Caroline - The Originals

Don't even get us started on this one. After years of build-up, Caroline was brought over to the final season of The Originals after the end of The Vampire Diaries, purely to finish out her storyline with Klaus. They grew closer all season long, only to have Klaus die at the end before sharing a final kiss with Caroline. It was pointless and a letdown to fans who had been patiently waiting for years.

18. David and Abby - Scandal

They were one of the most well matched, sweetest couples on the show and we were all rooting they’d get a happy ending. Instead, David was senselessly killed off on the series finale.

19. Benson and Stabler - Law & Order: SVU

They had to be separated because they were too close to be effective at their jobs since they always put one another first. They were destined to be friends/partners to lovers, but then Stabler left without saying goodbye and broke Olivia's and our hearts.

20. Tony and Ziva - NCIS

They toyed with this couple for years and only after Ziva left and was killed did we find out they created a child together. It was all just plain cruel. Long live Tiva!

21. Chloe and Alek - The Nine Lives of Chloe King

This is just another couple who fell prey to the cancellation monster. They were the cutest couple but the season finale left things between them unclear. Unfortunately, the show never returned for a Season 2 so their fate is still unknown.

22. Glenn and Maggie - The Walking Dead

They were one of the purest relationships on TV which made this all the more painful. Of course, Glenn just had to die right after discovering that he and Maggie were going to have a baby. To twist the knife further, Glenn's last words were "Maggie, I'll find you." Talk about star-crossed lovers.

23. Barney and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

While I personally wasn't a big fan of Robin and Barney's relationship, the way they built it up just to knock it down in the last couple episodes was a horrible plot twist and disloyal to fans. You don't dedicate an entire season to a couple's wedding just to have them divorce the next episode.

24. Nate and Serena - Gossip Girl

Nate was the only guy on the show who loved Serena unconditionally. He treated her like a queen and would've done anything to make her happy. It's 2019 and we're still bitter that they were ripped apart.

25. Brandon and Callie - The Fosters

This was a tough one but it doesn't hurt any less. Brandon and Callie fell in love before Callie was adopted into their family, and they struggled with their feelings for seasons never able to completely let go of one another. There weren't really any good options in this situation, but we still wish they met under different circumstances instead of becoming you know...brother and sister.

26. Emily and Damon - Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It turned a beautiful relationship into an absolute catastrophe for really no reason. Emily and Damon were the cutest couple until the show decided to shake up their relationship with unnecessary drama. When Emily got pregnant with Damon's child, the series used it to break them apart rather than bring them back together.

27. Eric and Sookie - Sookie Stackhouse

Eric and Sookie were absolutely adorable together. Eric was the best for her hands down and nothing could convince us of another option.

28. Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl

This is one of the ships we're most bitter about. In hopes to create more drama, Gossip Girl accidentally stumbled upon something beautiful. Dan and Blair were singlehandedly the best part of the show and transformed the whole dynamic of the series into something else entirely. But of course, Gossip Girl had to ruin the best thing they ever created to stick to their original story.

29. Shawn and Angela - Boy Meets World

The powers that be felt only Cory and Topanga could be endgame so they destroyed Shawn and Angela. Then to make matters worse, they brought both characters back in the spinoff so they could bludgeon the 'ship to death and kill any hope you may have had that they would find their way back to each other.

30. Will and Alicia - The Good Wife

It made no sense that Will and Alicia never ended up together again and it made less sense that Alicia went back to her husband. And of course, they offed Will causing all hope to be lost. It's a cruel world.

31. Joey and Rachel - Friends

The love Joey had for Rachel was unbelievably wholesome and pure. He fell in love with Rachel after years of friendship while she was pregnant and his roommate. He treated her better and believed in her much more than Ross ever did and just randomly erasing their chemistry once they finally got together was a horrible cop out and made absolutely no sense.

32. Jackie and Hyde - That 70's Show

Jackie and Hyde were the cutest couple on That 70's Show hands down. Jackie's relationships with Kelso and Fez couldn't even touch what these two shared and they should've ended the show together.

33. Rachel and Finn - Glee

This one is obviously heartbreaking for more reasons than one. Cory Monteith's tragic death had to, of course, result in Finn's death on the show. But we know that just like Lea and Cory, Rachel and Finn's love was true.

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