33 Shamefully Addictive Reality Shows We Can't Stop Watching!

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13. Love and Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop
There is no end to trashy reality shows that will sadly have you mesmerized, and Love and Hip Hop is another example of that. It's a series of hip-hop stars and those involved with them living their lives and being entertaining. What can you expect? Pure, unabashed ratchet behavior that will make you cringe and a whole lot of fighting. You can't take your eyes away from it though.

14. Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid
Why are they naked? Why are they afraid? Why am I sitting here watching this with rapt attention? All things you might ask yourself when you're camped out in front of the screen completely engrossed in this reality show where two strangers, male and female, are left to survive 21 days out in the elements in the nude. Why would anyone want to Adam and Eve it with a stranger for nearly a month? Who knows? But we'll watch it.

15. Little Women Franchise

Little Women Franchise
Basically, Little Women LA (and it's many spin-offs) is the equivalent of the Real Housewives franchise but with little people. It's the same cattiness, drama, betrayals, backstabbing, and vacations, but with the added drama of health issues and an insider look into the world of those who have dwarfism. The Little Women franchise spans from LA to Dallas, from NYC to Atlanta, and there are a series of other spinoffs and specials that have sprouted from the show, too.

16. Chopped

Imagine being given a basket containing cheez whiz, marshmallow fluff, and sardines and being asked to create a gourmet dish that is edible and world-class in a certain period of time, and oh, you're competing with three other people. That's the type of absurd and insanely addictive television that Chopped has to offer. It's pure insanity and intensity, and it's so much freaking fun.

17. Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight
The sanctity of marriage is tested with this reality show that has three experts pairing together strangers who won't meet each other until they're standing in front of someone officiating their marriage. Sounds crazy, right? That's because it is. Each couple has to spend a certain amount of time together before they decide if they want to remain married or get divorced. Some success has come from the show, but more so, there are a lot of incompatible individuals who couldn't make it work. If that isn't interesting enough for you, the latest season had a bride detained the night of her wedding because she had a warrant out for her arrest. Yikes! Also, pass me the popcorn!

18. Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
Every season like clockwork, fans wait to hear who is the latest B-Z list celebrity who will join the cast and compete for the mirror ball trophy and America's hearts. The dancers are just as popular as their celebrity partners, and fans can't wait to see who gets paired up with whom. For the rest of the season, we get to watch inexperienced celebs grow and flourish in the field of dance and cha-cha, waltz, and salsa their way to a win.

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