34 Unexpectantly Romantic Moments From Teen Wolf

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Teen Wolf is known for frightening, gory and heart stopping moments that cause you to shriek so loud you wake up the dog.* 

It's also known for its beautiful, heartwarming, occasionally tragic but always epic, love stories.

Whether you enjoy Scallison, Stydia, Dethan, Lackson, Scira, Stylia or one of the other myriad of couple permutations, there's a love story for every audience member to enjoy.  At its core, Teen Wolf is about the pack and the foundation of a pack is love.  

Before Teen Wolf Season 5 begins, and Teen Wolf writers bestow more unforgettable moments to feast upon, let's take a trip down memory lane and countdown Teen Wolf's best "Love Story" moments thus far.

*Not anecdotal in nature, but based on real events.

34. Hot For Teacher

Hot For Teacher
Derek Hale is notoriously non committal. Other than a relationship with Kate Argent as a young wolf (shudder) and a brief flirtation with Erica, Derek's love life was nearly non existent.

That all changes in Teen Wolf Season 3 when he saves saves Jennifer Blake, the new teacher, from Boyd and Cara. Innocent flirtation turns into more when Derek goes to Jennifer for help after being badly injured. Derek's injuries begin to heal as they make love.

Was Jennifer evil? You bet. But those are just details. After a scene like this nobody can deny the healing power of love.

33. Crazy For You

Crazy For You
A teenage boy, a coyote adjusting to her new human form and a psych ward. These don't sound like the ingredients for romance, but somehow Teen Wolf makes it work.

Initially, Malia was angry at Stiles and Scott for returning her to human form. As Malia spends more time with Stiles in the psychiatric ward, she begins to warm up to him. A lot. Curious about her new form, Malia wants to experience all that humanity has to offer. She initiates her first kiss with Stiles, who adorably asks if it was okay afterward. Then Malia initiates a whole lot more and Stiles is happy to *ahem* satisfy her curiosity.

It was definitely memorable and oddly romantic, but that's the power of Stiles and Malia. Only they can make a psychiatric ward romantic.

32. Alpha Goes Domestic

Alpha Goes Domestic
Ethan is one half of a teen duo that morphs into some kind of super Alpha wolf that looks like it came straight from the WWE. Watching an uber Alpha fuss over Danny, who's so wonderfully human, is adorable to watch.

Ethan reties Danny's tie, fusses with his perfectly coifed hair and offers what I can only imagine is a completely uncessary breath mint. It's Danny. Anyone with a crush knows you'll use any excuse to initiate contact. Ethan brought his A game with three.

Still, Ethan becomes serious when he warns Danny to find him should anything happen. It was an honest display of humanity from Ethan. This wasn't just physical with Danny. He's important to Ethan.

31. Lydia Believes In Stiles

Lydia Believes In Stiles
Lydia Martin isn't exactly an open book when it comes to Stiles. The depth of her emotions for Stiles are concealed under carefully constructed disinterest. Lydia is a sharp contrast to Stiles' completely honest and open approach. Slowly, bit by bit, the Teen Wolf writers pull back on Lydia's Stiles Stilinski layers.

When Lydia accidentially steps on a werewolf trap, it's up to Stiles to free her without triggering the device. Unfortunately, Stiles is ungoing a major mind whammy in Season 3; like losing the ability to read. It makes deciphering those very necessary instructions impossible. Both Lydia and Stiles are quite invested in Lydia keeping all her appendages, so she gives Stiles a boost of confidence with blunt honesty. Lydia tells Stiles he's too smart to need instructions and he's "the one who always figures it out."

Lydia's intelligence is what Stiles admires most about her. It is nice to discover Lydia feels the same way about him. It's Lydia's belief in Stiles that made Stiles believe in himself.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Lydia clings to him a little too tightly for it to be "just friends."

30. Don't Sleep In The Chair

Don't Sleep In The Chair
Scott is always a genteman with Kira. It's one of the things I love most about their relationship. There's an innocence about Kira that Scott seems almost protective over. Sometimes he's a little too protective and it's up to Kira to redefine the boundaries.

Just before Scott falls asleep, Kira tells him not to sleep in the chair. Completely oblivious to her meaning, Scott reassures Kira he's quite comfortable. Kira repeats herself, more forcefully this time. The second time is the charm and the light bulb goes off. Scott is a gentleman, but he's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

As he lies next to Kira in bed, she reassures him by saying they will save Stiles. Scott carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Kira has become his support and a soft place to land. Then they kiss and spoon. Fabulous.

29. Nervous Isaac

Nervous Isaac
Due to his abusive father, Isaac suffers panic attacks that are often exacerbated by his werewolfism. He struggles with confidence and is often nervous, but never more so than when he had to negotiate a gun sale with the Katashi. Issac is convinced the Katashi will see through the ruse and realize he's just a teenage boy in a suit.

Allison interrupts Isaac's freak out with a long, slow, deep kiss. Then she slides his hand down for an ass grab. Allison gives Isaac all the confidence he needs in a way that is both sexy and funny. He walks into the Katashi meet feeling like an Alpha.

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