35 Worthy Contenders if Emmy Recognition was Fair!

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The best part about award nomination time is the recognition for our favorite shows and actors.  

The worst part, however, is knowing that so many shows and actors fall through the cracks because the competition is steep. Then there is the matter of shows (and actors) who are seldom considered at all due to their genre or their network. 

While there is a redundancy in many of the shows and actors lauded each year, there is a sea of talent ignored and shows overlooked. 

How amazing would it be if the Emmy's recognized supernatural and sci-fi shows as often as they do genre specific dramas? What if the Jane the Virgin's and the Mr. Robot's weren't exceptions to the rule and shows that fall on the USA Network or The CW stood a chance? 

Can you imagine how many talented actors, directors, writers and more would receive honors if the powers that be took Freeform, OWN, and other networks seriously? 

Check out a list of worthy contenders who would receive more accolades if award recognition was fair. Don't forget to hit the comments with your thoughts and additions!

1. Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar
Queen Sugar is a masterpiece. There are so many reasons why this show should be raved about and showered with praise, accolades, and what have you. One of the first things that come to mind is the STUNNING cinematography. It's the best on air, and it is breathtaking. On top of that, the cast is out of this world, the writing for this show is exceptional, and it has all female directors for every single episode. It's as diverse behind the camera as it is in front of the camera. This critically-acclaimed series has "Best Drama" all over it, and yet ... nothing.

2. Dawn-Lyen Gardner - Queen Sugar

Dawn-Lyen Gardner - Queen Sugar
In the ideal world, someone would follow Gardner around throwing Emmy's at her feet. She deserves many of them. There is so much to Charley Bordelon, and Gardner is magnetic while playing her. There is a rich dichotomy to the character, and she captures it oh so very well. As the most seemingly put-together character who masks all of her insecurities, vulnerability, and pain behind a carefully crafted, stoic facade, everything about this character is about nuance, and Gardner is exceptional. Gardner doesn't require a "Best Actress in a Drama" nomination. She has more than earned a win.

3. Tom Ellis - Lucifer

Tom Ellis - Lucifer
Tom Ellis fought right along with the rest of Lucifans when word got out that Lucifer was canceled, and fortunately, it all worked. Ellis' dedication came as no shock because that's the type of dedication he exhibits while playing Lucifer. Ellis' range is unlike anything else; it's unparalleled. Lucifer isn't just one thing. He's soft and hard. He's selfish and selfless, broken, and powerful, and so many other things. I can't envision anyone other than Tom Ellis capturing every nuance and beguiling viewers in the same way.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy
The Buffy reboot news has spread by now. It stirs up all the feelings about the original series. Unlike many others, Sarah Michelle Gellar was recognized a couple of times for her performance in the role. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as she should have been. Buffy Summers is an icon and one of the greatest female characters ever. Not to mention she was a trailblazing female character in the supernatural genre. Gellar had many gigs before, but it was a role that put her on the map and showcased her talent. It seems that her performance in the role is appreciated more in hindsight than it was during the series at its height.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sarah Michelle Gellar deserved credit as a leading actress, but Buffy deserved more recognition as a series. As a whole, the series was overlooked because of its genre and home network. Unfortunately, supernatural dramas aren't taking as seriously as other dramas. Buffy was a show about vampires and demons that came out well before the golden age of vampires. It was a solid drama contender, but writing, guest performances, supporting actors, makeup, and effects were all reason enough for the show to be rewarded and awarded.

6. Omari Hardwick - Power

Omari Hardwick - Power
Everyone loves a good antihero, and Omari Hardwick plays Jamie "Ghost" St. Patrick to perfection. You love him and hate him, but you always root for him. He's intelligent and business savvy, but he's also street smart. He has a foot in two different worlds and is the personification of code-switching as he tries to juggle both of them. Hardwick nails the conflicted nature of a man torn between his past and his future -- his roots and his dreams. He carefully differentiates his character's two different personas in a way that keeps viewers intrigued. It's skillful and something that warrants more appreciation.

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