35 Worthy Contenders if Emmy Recognition was Fair!

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13. Shawn Hatosy - Animal Kingdom

Shawn Hatosy - Animal Kingdom
Playing someone as creepy, complex, and unstable as Pope is no small feat, and Hatosy is outstanding in this role. Animal Kingdom is already one of those must-see summer hits that fly under the radar, but when you're sucked into standout performances like Hatosy's, it's unfathomable that he hasn't so much as been nominated for any award let alone the big ones. It would be too easy to dismiss Pope as a psychotic character, but Hatosy captures Pope's vulnerability and yearning for normalcy in such a captivating way. It's a performance worthy of accolades.

14. iZombie

In general, iZombie is one of the best series on The CW. The writing is typically strong and the cast is phenomenal. It was destined to be another cult hit for a specific demographic much like Veronica Mars (which was severely underrated as well), and it does not get the same critical acclaim as the other zombie-themed shows. It's beyond unfortunate.

15. Rose McIver - iZombie

Rose McIver - iZombie
It took far too long for the supremely talented Tatiana Maslany to receive her due for Orphan Black, and Rose McIver is of a similar caliber. IZombie's unique premise has her constantly playing a female zombie channeling traits and personalities of the brains she consumed. Each episode she's challenged to simultaneously play Liv but also Liv affected by someone else entirely. Rose McIver is so criminally underrated in this role it's sickening.

16. Iain de Caestecker - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iain de Caestecker - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
There isn't a doubt in anyone's mind that Iain de Caestecker steadily gives the best performance as Leopold Fitz. Hands down, Fitz has had the best journey of all the characters, and with that journey, fans were able to fully experience the full breadth of de Caestecker's talent. He's beyond fantastic, and it makes no sense whatsoever that he has never been nominated nor won a single thing for his performance as Fitz. It's a crying shame -- a travesty!

17. Good Behavior

Good Behavior
Once again it needs to be pointed out that Good Behavior is a phenomenal show that many of you weren't watching, and if you're one of those people you missed out on an excellent series. Everything about the series was magic, from the writing to Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto's performances, to the wardrobe. It hit all of the marks with ease. What else is there to say?

18. Ray Liotta - Shades of Blue

Ray Liotta - Shades of Blue
Liotta wasn't necessarily venturing into new territory playing a corrupt cop given his previous roles playing mobsters. That being said, Wozniak stands out on his own. He's brutal and vicious, but he's also protective and has so much heart when it comes to his family and friends. His ongoing battle to accept his own bisexuality and his horrible misdeeds over the years is must-see viewing. He's a true antihero, and Liotta is captivating. It's a shame that Liotta's role on this NBC procedural will never get the type of buzz as others.

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