36 Reasons We're Indebted To The Small Screen

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We're taking a look at the year and giving thanks for the things we've loved from the small screen. 

As TV Fanatics, it's only right that we do this at least once a year. 

If one thing can be seen by virtue of this slideshow, we're basking in the bounty of peak TV and not wallowing in the fact there is too much to take in. 

There is enough for each of us, and surprisingly, it's rare that all of our interests intersect. What has really blown you away of late? Share with us!

1. The Pearson Family on This Is Us

The Pearson Family on This Is Us
When you think about Thanksgiving, you think about family...and food! But mostly family. I'm very thankful that this show has graced my TV with its presence, as I cannot think of a more captivating family to watch right now. — Steve Ford

2. Everything That Is Lucifer

Everything That Is Lucifer
I'm thankful for everything Lucifer this year! From Tom Ellis' amazingly sarcastic, yet heart-warming portrayal of Lucifer Morningstar, to the additions of Tricia Helfer as his mother and Aimee Garcia as CSI Lopez who has a way of getting Lucifer to face things he doesn't want to. This show is an amazing blend of humor, action, heart, and a lot of soul. — Jim Garner

3. The Marvel Universe on Netflix

The Marvel Universe on Netflix
I am thankful for the Netflix Marvel universe. Every show, top to bottom, every episode, it's all perfection. From modern social commentary wrapped in the tale of an accidental superhero on Luke Cage to Jessica Jones and it's pro-woman promise to the adorable Foggy and Matt Murdock magic on Daredevil. I am loving it. — Miranda Wicker

4. The Renewal of Code Black

The Renewal of Code Black
I'm thankful for the renewal of Code Black, because this is a truly brilliant show that deserved a second chance. It's made the most of it this fall and all I can say is I told you so. — Brittany Frederick

5. Tatiana Maslany's Emmy Win

Tatiana Maslany's Emmy Win
I'm thankful for Tatiana Maslany's Emmy win. There was some stiff competition, and Orphan Black is not exactly the highest rated show, but she finally got the recognition she deserves for playing so many characters. The win was a nice surprise for a talented actress who really earned it. — Stacy Glanzman

6. The Gilmore Girls Revival

The Gilmore Girls Revival
I'm thankful for the Gilmore Girls Revival! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be here after Thanksgiving, and just knowing that we'll finally get an ending written by Amy Sherman-Palladino is enough to make you emotional. We're even going to get those final four words. — Ashley Bissette Sumerel

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