37 Sizzling Summer TV Stars

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25. Tom Ellis - Rush

Tom Ellis - Rush
Where has this guy been? Answer: missing from our screens. Whoa - someone hand me a fan!

26. Jay Ryan & Kristen Kreuk - Beauty and the Beast

Jay Ryan & Kristen Kreuk - Beauty and the Beast
Even looking stoic, there's no doubt they're beautiul. Nice to have them in the summer for a change.

27. Arden Cho - Teen Wolf

Arden Cho - Teen Wolf
She may be in snow or ashes, but she's stil hot as she kicks ass as Kira!

28. Christopher Gorham - Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham - Covert Affairs
We aren't blind to the wiles of Christopher Gorham.

29. Mike Vogel - Under the Dome

Mike Vogel - Under the Dome
Word is he may not survive the premiere! Watch him while you can because he is hot, hot, hot!

30. Liev Schreiber - Ray Donovan

Liev Schreiber - Ray Donovan
Fixers can be sexy, too. Let's see a little less of Ray's suit this coming season, eh?

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