37 Times Siblings Made Things More Interesting

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Team up or time out?

The sibling bond is such a double-edged blade. Sharing formative experiences and an entwined backstory can cultivate the greatest rival or staunchest supporter.

They know your most embarrassing moments. They know your greatest weaknesses. The fact that they don't exploit that intel at every possible moment makes them that much more powerful.

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They are also the one who understands what you need when you're at your lowest. They got your back when the wolves descend and there's a good chance they will defend you if only so they can get the killing blow in themselves.

Whether they have each other's back or need to constantly watch theirs around each other, TV's sibling relationships can make for intensely heart-warming moments or the most heart-wrenching betrayals. 

We're examining 37 relationships and rating them as team-ups or time-outs. Share your thoughts in the comments!

1. Team-Up - Sam & Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Team-Up - Sam & Dean Winchester - Supernatural
These brothers will (and have) gone to Hell and back for each other.

2. Team-Up - Lucifer & Amenadiel - Lucifer

Team-Up - Lucifer & Amenadiel - Lucifer
Although they are eternally getting in each other's way, when push comes to shove, these heavenly brothers pull in the same direction.

3. Team-Up - Vincent & Frankie Martino - The Deuce

Team-Up - Vincent & Frankie Martino - The Deuce
Vincent knows the bar industry. Frankie knows how to take orders. With the mob backing them and the porn industry about to boom, these two hang so close together they could be the same person.

4. Team-Up - Stefan & Damon Salvatore

Team-Up - Stefan & Damon Salvatore
Never an easy relationship, these two did their best work when they had each other's backs.

5. Team-Up - Mary Harris & Nicole Mitchell - Mary Kills People

Team-Up - Mary Harris & Nicole Mitchell - Mary Kills People
Big Sis Mary is an ER doctor who helps people commit suicide in her spare time. Lil Sis Nicole does hair and makeup and likes to shoot tin cans in her backyard. They join forces to create a death retreat where terminally ill patients can feel beautiful before they die.

6. Time-Out - John & Andy Diggle - Arrow

Time-Out - John & Andy Diggle - Arrow
A brother's betrayal is a deep wound. Andy's secret life as a ghost for H.I.V.E. meant he'd never planned on reconciling with his big brother. John's greatest regret will always be that he had to be the one to end Andy's threat to his family and friends.

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