47 Sinfully Sexy Jewish Men on TV

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This list is guaranteed to provide extra dirty thoughts for which to be forgiven next year!

In case you're wondering, we used a precise methodology to count down these super-jews.

A pretty face and a banging body are equally delicious, but scoring a spot on this epic lineup requires true talent. Bonus points for a spectacular sense of humor and strong influence on popular culture. Amen!

46. Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield
As the breakout star of “New Girl," Max played Schmidt, one of three guys who share a Los Angeles loft with Jess (Zooey Deschanel). Greenfield falls hard for Jessica's BFF, the way-out-of his league fashion model, CeCe and their on again off again romance kept our attention for all seven seasons. Spoiler alert: by the end of the series, Greenfield not only gets the girl -- he puts a ring on it -- and later puts a baby in her too.

45. Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle
We haven’t stopped crushing on Wyle since he played Dr. John Carter on the TV medical TV drama, "ER.” As far as this list goes, the doctor is IN!

44. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd
Our hearts beat a bit faster when Paul Rudd made an honest woman out of Phoebe Buffay as Mike Hannigan on "Friends." Rudd recently starred in "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” on Netflix and made it official: No matter how many years go by, Paul still gets us hot (and wet)!

43. Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg
Bryan’s swagger on HBO’s “How to Make It in America,” as Ben Epstein, an enterprising twenty-something hustling his way through New NYC's fashion scene, made us Greenberg's fans forever.

42. Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein
Mark got his big break on the daytime soap, “Loving," played a lawyer on "The West Wing," and an eligible Jewish doctor who was perfect husband material. Though we favored Feuerstein on “Sex and the City,” as a vulnerable romantic who means well, but just can’t find Miranda's cherry.

41. Justin Kirk

Justin Kirk
Justin appears on the Jim Carey series," Kidding," but is best known for his role on HBO’s “Weeds.” As Andy Botwin, Kirk played part-stoner, part -family man who's 100% into his sister-in-law, Nancy (Mary Louise Parker), while helping her sell marijuana. At the end of the series, Andy rejects MLP’s plea to be a permanent fixture in her life -- allowing Kirk to go out on a real high.

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