7 Reasons Veronica Lodge Is Just Like Blair Waldorf

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Riverdale and Gossip Girl are two very different shows. 

Riverdale is a murder mystery set in the small town of Riverdale while Gossip Girl follows the fashionable teens of New York's elite who are so popular the internet is always talking about them. 

However, Riverdale and Gossip Girl have something in common: an icy, fashionable, rule-breaking brunette.

Yes, we're talking about Veronica Lodge and Blair Waldorf. Veronica could totally be a younger Blair Waldorf, fleeing to New York with her mother after something sketchy happens to her family in Riverdale. 

1. They're Hot

They're Hot
Both Veronica and Blair know they are hot. They could literally wear anything and it would look great on them. It's no wonder every boy at school wants to be with them.

2. They're Fashionable

They're Fashionable
Soapy dramas are notorious for having the latest trends, and whoever handles the fashion for Veronica Lodge was channeling Blair Waldorf. We're quite alright with that.

3. They Have Business-Minded Mothers

They Have Business-Minded Mothers
Eleanor has a high flying fashion line. Hermione is looking after her husband's affair while he spends time in the slammer, and has been trying to expand it. Wouldn't you love for these two to meet?

4. They Don't Follow Rules

They Don't Follow Rules
Both Veronica and Blaire are quick to throw snark at whoever thinks they follow rules. These girls are powerful in their respective cliques, so why would they need to follow rules? They can make their own.

5. They Have Daddy Issues

They Have Daddy Issues
Veronica's father is in jail for being a not-so-savory member of society, and Veronica wasn't very pleased about it. Blair's father ditched her mother for another man, and Blair was not pleased about it. We watched Blair go to war with Roman before realizing he was a nice man. We'll meet Veronica's father for the first time on Riverdale Season 2!

6. They Each Have a Blonde-Haired BFF

They Each Have a Blonde-Haired BFF
Veronica's best friend in Riverdale is none other than the beautiful Betty Cooper. Over in New York, Blair's ride-or-die is Serena Van Der Woodsen. They're both blonde and complement their brunette counterparts very well.

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Riverdale Quotes

Betty: Why are you getting so upset? It's just a party, Jug.
Jughead: It's not just a party. It's the fact that you don't know, or even care, that this is the last thing I would want. You did this for you to prove something.
Betty: To prove what?
Jughead: You're a great girlfriend? I don't know. Doesn't it ever occur to you how different we are, like on a cellular DNA level? You're a straight-A student, a cheerleader. For God sakes, you're the perfect girl-next-door.
Betty: I hate that word.
Jughead: I'm the damaged, loner outsider from the wrong side of tracks. Betty, come on, who are we kidding?! We're on borrowed time.

Veronica: What the hell is a "Sticky Maple"?
Kevin: It's kinda what it sounds like. It's a Riverdale thing.
Veronica: No, Kevin, it's a slut-shaming thing. And I'm neither a slut nor am I going to be shamed by someone named, excuse me, Chuck Clayton! Does he really think he can get away with this? Does he not know who I am?! I will cut the brakes on his supped-up phallic symbol.