73 Couples We'll Happily Go to Hell 'Shipping!

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7. Sherlock and Joan - Elementary

Sherlock and Joan - Elementary
The showrunners have said they don't intend to pair the two up romantically, and their relationship has been platonic and delightfully familial, but they're practically a married couple as it is, why not make it official? They're partners in every other aspect, and fans have 'shipped variations of Sherlock and Watson for years. Why stop now?

8. Harvey and Jessica - Suits

Harvey and Jessica - Suits
Were we supposed to simply NOT see the heat between Jessica and Harvey? Sure, the series was building up to Harvey and Donna, but why did they give us an equally if not more compelling background story and relationship between Jessica and Harvey? She pulled him out of the mailroom, groomed him, and he became her protege, confidant, friend, and family.

He would and has gone to war for Jessica Pearson. They are masters of the flirty banter and sexual innuendo. They had their own special place on the rooftop. They're so similar to one another it's astonishing, and yet we're supposed to believe they didn't get drunk off of bourbon and banter and have unspeakably hot sexytimes in the office one night? Sure, whatever. No offense, Darvey fans, but Jarvey was HOT AF!

9. Elliot and Tyrell - Mr. Robot

Elliot and Tyrell - Mr. Robot
Who says you can't find deep connections while plotting anarchy? The sexual tension between Elliot and Tyrell was subtle but charged. Their scenes have always been magnetic whether it's Elliot as himself or Mr. Robot.

And not only is Tyrell obsessed with Elliot but he has admitted to loving him. The erotic subtext is always there when they share the screen, and screw it, no matter how unhinged Tyrell is and how mentally ill Elliot is, the day the subtext officially becomes text some of us are going to rejoice.

10. Dennis and Davia - Good Trouble

Dennis and Davia - Good Trouble
Initially, it seemed as though these two could never get along. Davia was very judgy of Dennis, and he didn't hesitate to call her out when he felt she needed it. But through Dennis' secret battle with depression and suicide to which Davia is the only Coterie member privy of, and Davia's bouts of insecurity and relationship with Jeff, the two have forged a deep, breathtaking, emotional bond that steals the show.

On the one hand, they're housemates, and there's an age difference, and they're both in vulnerable places and need to focus on themselves. Oh, and he kinda slept with her mom once. On the other hand, their journey is mesmerizing, and they're good with one another. Their platonic, antagonistic sibling vibe has evolved into something with sexual tension, and it's intoxicating.

11. Ben and Saanvi - Manifest

Ben and Saanvi - Manifest
Technically, Ben is married. Does that stop us from rooting for Benvi? Hell no! Grace is awful (awful enough to inspire a  scathing editorial devoted to how terrible she is), and Ben deserves better. Ben deserves Saanvi.

They're bonded by this unique experience only the other passengers of flight 828 can understand. The two of them make quite the successful team investigating what happened to him and the season's many mysteries together. They're both adorable nerds who look after and support one another. Their friendship and partnership is one of the highlights of the series, and we will go down with this 'ship. Give us more Benvi next season!

12. Clarke and Finn - The 100

Clarke and Finn - The 100
For one, Finn had a girlfriend but the whole time, he was in love with Clarke, which is a bit cringy. He was a cheater and a murderer, and even the show goes out of its way to pretend as though he wasn't Clarke's first love. It's a controversial pairing within the series and within a Bellarke loving fandom, but we like what we like.

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