73 Couples We'll Happily Go to Hell 'Shipping!

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13. Derek and Braeden - Teen Wolf

Derek and Braeden - Teen Wolf
Sterek may have been the pairing many fans wanted to see, but Braeden and Derek were a couple the show gave us, and it was by far one of the healthiest romantic relationships Derek had on the series. She's the only girlfriend he had who didn't abuse or violate him.

She stuck by his side during a few difficult transitions and finally taught him how to fight as a human. They saved each other and worked tirelessly to protect all the others. They were badass couple goals, and totally should have been canon during the final season. It's unfortunate the show never brought her back.

14. Rumple and Belle - OUAT

Rumple and Belle - OUAT
Rumple had a lot of work to do to redeem himself from the beginning of the series to the end, and Belle deserved so much better for most of the show. He loved her, but he wasn't the best for her, and he did some pretty awful things to her, but no matter how villainous Rumple became and what he did, it didn't stop fans from wanting this 'ship to sail, and by the end of the series, it did!

15. Luisa and Rose (Sin Rostro) - Jane the Virgin

Luisa and Rose (Sin Rostro) - Jane the Virgin
Sure, depending on who you ask, it's controversial to 'ship Jane and Michael or Jane and Rafael for some reason or another, but neither of them has anything on the disastrous, twisted relationship that is Luisa and Rose. Rose was Luisa's stepmother, and a criminal and the woman has a million different faces. And Luisa does some truly stupid things under Rose's influence. It should be annoying, and it's toxic as hell, but do we care? Nope!

16. Marcus and Saya - Deadly Class

Marcus and Saya - Deadly Class
They're a killer couple. Literally. It wasn't cool that Marcus cheated on his domestic violence surviving, bipolar girlfriend who was utterly devoted to him. However, Saya and Marcus were just so damn appealing from the moment they met; it was hard not to want something to happen between the two.

17. Veronica and Weevil - Veronica Mars

Veronica and Weevil - Veronica Mars
C'mon, you know the two of them would have made the best couple. So entertaining. Imagine the trouble they would have gotten into together? Two people on opposite sides of the track make for quality content, but Veronica's fall from grace meant she had few allies around in Neptune, but she always had the resident leader of a motorcycle gang in her corner. Veronica and her head tilt, and Weevil and those Maybelline eyelashes had one of the best relationships of the entire series.

It's something to be said about how much they trusted, respected, and how loyal they were to each other. Veronica could always call on Weevil when she was in a jam, and he protected and had her back, and Weevil could rely on Veronica to defend him whenever he was being railroaded by any number of the corrupt systems in their small-town. It's a real shame the series wasn't allowed to explore their relationship beyond platonic frenemies. Weever for life!

18. Archie and Betty - Riverdale

Archie and Betty - Riverdale
They're just so cuuuute together! Barchie has everything you would want in a 'ship. The girl/boy next door vibe. Friends-to-lovers. They balance each other out. They're sweet, have great chemistry, and always find themselves orbiting around one another. Fandom seems to love Bughead and some are thrilled about another round of Varchie, but whether it's hell or Riverdale itself (most days there isn't a difference), we Barchie 'shippers will happily go there before we let go of this relationship.

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