8 TV Stars Named Patrick

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What else is there to do on St. Patrick's Day other than honor TV stars named Patrick???

Sort through our gallery now.

1. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey is the McDreamiest of them all. Who else could lead this list?

2. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris
Including Neil Patrick Harris on this list instantly makes it... legendary. Sorry, we had to.

3. Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson
He's not a TV star, you say? Did you catch him on last year's buzzed-about Girls episode?!?

4. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart
He's a big screen legend now. But he got his huge break as Captain Picard.

5. Patrick Sajak

Patrick Sajak
Pat Sajak is easily one of the most recognizable faces on all of television.

6. Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick
From Last Resort to True Blood to Sons of Anarchy, Robert Patrick continues to pad his TV resume.

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