9 Awesomely Scary 24 Villains

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Jack Bauer is back!

Relive 24's most memorable villains in this photo gallery.

9. Philip and Graem Bauer

Philip and Graem Bauer
Turns out, Jack's brother and father weren't exactly as heroic as their sibling and their son.

8. Jonas Hodges

Jonas Hodges
Played by Jon Voight, Jonas Hodges was an executive at Starkwood on Day 7. He was intent on using missles to destroy U.S. cities unless the President hired his firm as her primary military contractor.

7. Habib Marwan

Habib Marwan
Habib Marwan dared to kidnap James Heller and Audrey Raines. He also bombed Air Force One on Day 4.

6. Stephen Saunders

Stephen Saunders
A former MI6 agent, Stephen Saunders was tortured for years and then sought revenge by trying to release the Cordilla virus in the U.S.

5. Syed Ali

Syed Ali
Revealed as the terrorist behind a group called Second Wave, Syed Ali coordinated the transfer of a nuclear weapon to Los Angeles.

4. Victor Drazen

Victor Drazen
Your ideal, crazy villain, portrayed by the mesmerizing Dennis Hopper.

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