13 Characters Who Need To Stop Getting Into Relationships

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Here are the 9 characters who need to stop getting into a relationship

1. Jenna Hamilton -- Awkward

Jenna Hamilton -- Awkward
First Jenna is in a secret relationship with Matty, than Jake, than back to Matty, a fling with Collin and she finally gets a good guy out of Luck but it doesn't last either. Maybe it is time for Jenna to focus on herself and worry more about finishing school.

2. Jeremy Gilbert -- The Vampire Diaries

Jeremy Gilbert -- The Vampire Diaries
Vicki-Dead, Anna-Dead, Bonnie-Kinda dead; Do we see a pattern forming? Jeremy may be an extremely attractive young man, but any woman who gets in a relationship with him will probably end up dead.

3. Daphne Vasquez -- Switched at Birth

Daphne Vasquez -- Switched at Birth
Daphne's relationships always end badly for those around her. Case in point, when she dated Jeff she was so obsessed with him she didn't care about the consequences (granted he was a pig), than there was Jace who ruined things for her family by exposing Chip Coto (even though Chip deserved it) and lets not forget Nacho who truly ruined everything for her entire family by getting Daphne involved in illegal activities.

4. Lindy Sampson -- Eye Candy

Lindy Sampson -- Eye Candy
Eye Candy may have just started on MTV, but we can all agree Lindy does not need to get into any relationships because her stalker is all about killing every man she encounters.

5. Olivia Pope -- Scandal

Olivia Pope -- Scandal
Oh Olivia! I love you to death and think you are a great person but maybe it is time to cool it off on the relationship front for a while. First you start a relationship with Fitz who is the MARRIED President of The United States and than she starts dating Jake who is all kinds of messed up thanks to your father. Think it may be time to scale back a bit and choose yourself

6. Jane Villanueva -- Jane The Virgin

Jane Villanueva -- Jane The Virgin
First she is engaged to Michael and though he is reluctant at first about Jane being pregnant he still wants to stay with her, but unfortunately he lied to her and Jane leaves him. Next Jane starts a relationship with the father of her baby Rafael, but he is keeping his own secrets. Jane needs to take a step back, focus on her career, her baby and figure out what/who she truly wants in her life.

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