9 TV Couples Who Should Give Love a Go!

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These couples want each other. We know it, they probably know it. We think they should just give it a go!

It's difficult to make the move from friends to lovers, but where there are sparks, there can be flames. We're ready to see these couples set the small screen on fire.

1. Elijah and Hayley - The Originals

Elijah and Hayley - The Originals
Sure, sexy werewolf Hayley is pregnant with Elijah's hybrid brother's baby, but that hasn't stopped their undeniable chemistry from exploding every time they come in contact with each other. Hayley loves Elijah's protective nature and he loves her reckless zest for life. Klaus will likely have something to say about it, but we think this love connection is inevitable.

2. Caroline and Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Caroline and Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
Caroline and Stefan have been best friends for a long time. They've always had each other's backs and when their various loves have left them high and dry (and they are many), they are each other's go-to person. The best relationships are built on a foundation of friendship. If they let their eyes linger a little longer during a conversation, they might see what we do -- a perfect couple waiting to be connected.

3. Daryl and Carol - The Walking Dead

Daryl and Carol - The Walking Dead
Daryl got softer as Carol grew harder. They were so close to being a couple before Carol made the bad move and was shown the curb. Now that they're out and about again, our vote is Daryl finds Carol and they learn to be hard and soft together, in the correct doses. They're their best chance for surivival in that harsh world.

4. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy complete each other. He's the perfect detective and she's the perfect cop inside the office. After winning a bet, Jake tried to make their faux date terrible, but we aren't the only ones who realized they had a true connection. They can take it slow, as long as they recognize and nurture it. Go there!

5. John and Astrid - The Tomorrow People

John and Astrid - The Tomorrow People
John and Cara have already had to start fresh, thanks to a dalliance with Stephen. Viewers saw sparks fly when Stephen's BFF saved and cared for John when he was shot and, frankly, maybe they deserve a break. It's easy to root for people who give each other a fresh look, and John and Astrid do just that.

6. Oliver and Felicity - Arrow

Oliver and Felicity - Arrow
We've heard all the evidence, we've seen the tension that could be sliced with an arrow and yet STILL Ollie gets close to everyone but Felicity. Girls will come and go, and Felicity will always be by his side, but she won't wait forever. Stop hiding Oliver!

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