9 Frightening Shows You Can't Watch Alone

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7. Bates Motel

Bates Motel
Bates Motel isn't scary in the traditional sense, but frightening in a psychological sense. Watching Normal's mental decline just as Norma was coming into her own as a woman and falling in love with Romero was simply terrifying. Norma had spent her entire life protecting her son and denying he was a threat or violent in anyway, only to have that circle back onto her and culminate in her death. It was both heartbreaking and thrilling to watch. One more to go!

8. Outcast

Outcast is one show you definitely want to watch with the lights on! And be prepared to watch peeking through your fingers, because this show is made for that. Sure, there are elements of gore, but that's not the most frightening thing. It's just downright creepy. Sidney and his army of demons may look and act normal, but they're anything but. Just ask Reverend Anderson!

9. Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead
The best thing about Ash vs Evil Dead is it's equal doses of fright and delight. You'll not only be freaked out, but grossed out and lauging your behind off minutes later. Bruce Campell and friends have made absolutely sure you won't know what's coming next, whether the greatest laugh or the biggest scare of the episode. And that's why you don't watch alone. Whether grabbing a hand to hold or wanting to chew someone's ear off after a hilarious scene, you need someone by your side!

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