9 Great Summer Bromances

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7. Blackbeard and Tom Lowe (Crossbones - NBC)

Blackbeard and Tom Lowe (Crossbones - NBC)
The show has really surprised me on the depth of character development. Blackbeard is not all "bad" and Lowe is not all "good" and that combination has made the show really fun to watch. - Jim Garner

8. Lewicki and Pierce (Perception - TNT)

Lewicki and Pierce (Perception - TNT)
Even though Pierce pays Lewicki to be his assitant, they are bros for sure. Recently Lewicki beat Pierce in chess, which was a pretty comedic scene as Pierce was shocked! The part about their bromance is that Lewicki is used to all of Pierce's deluisions. Let's not forget how Lewicki missed Pierce while he was in Paris! So cute! - Kate Medrano

9. Evan and Hank (Royal Pains - USA)

Evan and Hank (Royal Pains - USA)
The boys from Passaic, New Jersey have come a long way. Maybe not in miles as much as maturity. These brothers have learned to rely on one another in ways they never thought possible when they first set foot in the Hamptons.

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