9 Most Badass Breaking Bad Episodes

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7. Say My Name

Say My Name
Until this episode, Heisenberg had always been lingering beneath the surface, an alter ego tapped by Walter White but only with some prodding. Not the uber-confident, all-powerful kingpin we saw in the opening scene, which culminated in the meth lord instructing his soon-to-be employees to do as the episode's title says. Walter's rise had become complete, and Mike became his latest victim. Knowing Heisenberg's downfall was still to come in the remainder of Season 5 made it even more gripping to watch him in his shot-calling glory.

8. Blood Money

Blood Money
And so the empire begins to crumble. After Hank found out, you knew he and Walt would confront one another sooner or later. What you didn't know was that it would happen in the very next episode, or that the exchange would be so tense, so heated and so compelling that it left your jaw on the floor for minutes afterward in an absolutely masterful end to a top-notch instamment.

9. Ozymandias

The death of Hank. The demise of Walt. The pain felt by everyone in the wake of the fallen king and all that his empire consumed. The most uncomfortable, unpredictable and awful fight in TV history between Walt, Skyler and Walt, Jr. "Ozymandias" was was the third to last episode, but it was the final act in a sense for Heisenberg. This mesmerizing, devastating installment served as the prelude to the end and was the best hour this show (or probably any show) ever produced.

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