12 Shocking Deaths on The Walking Dead

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7. Hershel

Hershel's beheading initiated the final prison battle against the Governor. It was a graphic death enhanced by the shots of his screaming daughters.

8. Merle

This death was shocking made for the fact that viewers saw the reveal the same time as Daryl. Merle ended up a walker, but he still managed to do one last good deed in taking down some of the Governor's men. You even secretly wished he lived.

9. Lori

Lori's death was a true surprise not only because she went into labor after a walker attack, but Carl then was forced to kill her. The fact that it took place so early in The Walking Dead Season 3 made it even more surprising and revealed that truly no one was safe on the show.

10. Tyreese

The protector of babies and gentle soul who held onto his humanity during the zombie apocalypse met his demise after getting a chomp to the arm. Twice. Even he was surprised by the walker attack.

11. Gareth

He was the leader of Terminus and his surprising death was at the hands of Rick’s swinging machete. Not only did he not stick around to be an antagonist to the survivors, but it just goes to show that eating people always ends badly.

12. Beth

She was about to return to her group when Dawn’s gun went off during the intense prisoner exchange. She definitely grew since her time on the farm, and her death was an emotional gut punch to the survivors.

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