9 Summer Shows Worth Saving

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Remember when summer meant evenings filled with nothing but reruns? Thankfully those dreaded days are long gone. The summer of 2015 has been filled with amazing episodes of original TV and we can't get enough.

We've been completely immersed in the crazy guilty pleasure that is Mistresses, the quirky fun of Significant Mother and the angst of Chasing Life. There's no question that summer TV has been full of surprises that have only left us wanting more!

From our favorite cops on the street to the intrigue of the afterlife,  check out which shows we want back on our screens next summer...

1. Significant Mother - The CW

Significant Mother - The CW
Honestly, we didn't expect much from a comedy about a woman who sleeps with her adult son's best friend but Significant Mother was this summer's sweetest surprise. The entire cast is just the right mix of sexy and adorable and the show's homage to “Weekend at Bernie's” (including Bernie's alum Jonathan Silverman) was laugh out loud funny. So, we’ve got our fingers (and toes) crossed that the CW will give us more Significant Mother next summer.

2. Mistresses - ABC

Mistresses - ABC
Are April and Marc the next great love story? Is Calista committing suicide? Will Karen end up having this baby alone? And Joss! Oh Joss, you should have gotten on that plane with Harry, instead you ended up standing in the crosshairs of a psychotic killer! After the very best season yet, we absolutely need to know what happens next. ABC, please bring on Mistresses Season 4!

3. Wayward Pines - FOX

Wayward Pines - FOX
Some shows are meant to be limited series, but the mythology of Wayward Pines could easily be told over another few seasons. Sure, it would be difficult to pull the cast back together, but there are fans who really love this show and the numbers don't lie. It was a top performer this summer and it should be allowed to reboot itself again, even if that means hiring a new cast. The beauty of this show is that they could easily jump forward a few hundred years. Y'know Season 1 was mostly set in the year 4028 after all.

4. Devious Maids - Lifetime

Devious Maids - Lifetime
It boggles the mind as to why this frothy summer drama always seems to find itself on the bubble. It's Lifetime's number one scripted series and the show effortlessly manages to mix the mysteries in to the witty writing. Season 3 was the darkest season yet and the writers clearly didn't think they were writing a series finale. So come on Lifetime, get it renewed so that our summer Monday night lineup with Unreal stays intact next summer.

5. Playing House - USA

Playing House - USA
It's cute, quirky, and hilarious. The cast is fantastic and is so much fun to watch on a weekly basis. It would be a shame if USA network failed to pick this show up for its third season.

6. Rookie Blue - ABC

Rookie Blue - ABC
Our favorite rookies are rookies no more but should that mean the end of the show? Heck no! There's still plenty of story to tell. Dov is a detective in training. Traci's heading up Guns and Gangs. Gail has a new girlfriend. Dov and Chloe are back together. Marlo and Sam are raising their little girl. We need more of Oliver in the white shirt at that podium and of course Sam and Andy as husband and wife. Plus there’s a whole new batch of rookies to train. ABC needs to renew Rookie Blue for season 7!

7. Chasing Life - ABC Family

Chasing Life - ABC Family
Chasing Life continues to break new ground in Season 2. It may have made some questionable storyline choices, but it is still an enjoyable affair and the cast turns in solid performances week in, week out. ABC Family historically never renews shows this late into the season without a prior renewal, but let's hope Chasing Life gets another lease on life and we get to enjoy it for a third season!

8. Proof - TNT

Proof - TNT
Searching for evidence of life after death is truly an emotional journey, and with a cast anchored by Jennifer Beals and Matthew Modine, the story only got more involved as it continued. Dr. Tyler got her answer about an afterlife, but now we need ours about Proof Season 2!

9. Tyrant - FX

Tyrant - FX
Tyrant Season 2 Episode 12 was an excellent season finale but let's not make it a series finale! We’re dying to know if Barry manages to stay away from Daliyah, what happens to Leila and Ahmed in the aftermath, and what exactly the "multilateral effort to affect regime change" actually is. Come on, FX! Give us Tyrant season 3.

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