9 Summer Shows Worth Saving

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7. Chasing Life - ABC Family

Chasing Life - ABC Family
Chasing Life continues to break new ground in Season 2. It may have made some questionable storyline choices, but it is still an enjoyable affair and the cast turns in solid performances week in, week out. ABC Family historically never renews shows this late into the season without a prior renewal, but let's hope Chasing Life gets another lease on life and we get to enjoy it for a third season!

8. Proof - TNT

Proof - TNT
Searching for evidence of life after death is truly an emotional journey, and with a cast anchored by Jennifer Beals and Matthew Modine, the story only got more involved as it continued. Dr. Tyler got her answer about an afterlife, but now we need ours about Proof Season 2!

9. Tyrant - FX

Tyrant - FX
Tyrant Season 2 Episode 12 was an excellent season finale but let's not make it a series finale! We’re dying to know if Barry manages to stay away from Daliyah, what happens to Leila and Ahmed in the aftermath, and what exactly the "multilateral effort to affect regime change" actually is. Come on, FX! Give us Tyrant season 3.

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