31 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

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19. Aiden Mathis

Aiden Mathis
We wanted Emily to be happy with a strong man who loved her unconditionally at the end of Revenge. Instead Aiden died in the Revenge Season 3 finale.

20. Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran
The advance placement student who just wanted to be the first Asian American President got a lot more than he bargained for as a prophet on Supernatural, including killed by Gadreel as he hid inside Sam's body in the bunker under the Winchesters' protection. Yikes.

21. King Henry

King Henry
Sexy King Henry seduced the girls then went bonkers. That's a pretty sad legacy for the twisted king, but we're gonna miss his antics in Reign. No doubt about it!

22. Dr. Lance Sweets

Dr. Lance Sweets
Oh Bones. We watched our precious Sweets grow from a young man in his profession to an expert in his field. Watching him die was very painful. The only plus is knowing actor John Francis Daley has a lot of work as a writer, director and producer. Whew!

23. Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright
Harrison Wright was on almost every episode until he was shot in the Scandal Season 3 finale. His death was not in vain, as it was the catalyst to getting Olivia back on her game and her Gladiators as well.

24. Leslie Shay

Leslie Shay
One of the two lead females on Chicago Fire, it seemed impossible Shay would die, after all her life was already on the line once before. But, no, she never made it out of the Season 2 finale fire. She will be sorely missed. Will we ever stop crying over it?

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