9 Vampire Diaries Characters We Want on The Originals' Final Season

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The Vampire Diaries is over, and The Originals will be following suit in 2018. 

Julie Plec has been open about wanting some characters from the original series to appear on the spin-off before it takes one final bite out of The CW's schedule. 

We've compiled a list of characters who should appear on the vampire drama's swan song. Let's just say past character appearances are easier given that much of the action will be taking place in Mystic Falls. 

Have a look below. 

You can watch The Vampire Diaries online and Watch The Originals online if you want to relive any of the drama. 

1. Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett
Bonnie Bennett's storyline during The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was filled with misery and heartbreak. Considering Caroline is appearing, it would be great to get some updates on what the Mystic Falls witch has been up to.

2. Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman
Alaric has already appeared on The Originals, but it would make sense for him to appear again. Much of The Originals Season 5 is going to revolve around Hope at the magic school which he runs with Caroline.

3. Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert
Jeremy works in the magic school, so that would give him a good motive for hanging around and being part of the narrative for the vampire drama's final season. He could also give updates on the likes of Elena... assuming they are still in a good place.

4. Kai Parker

Kai Parker
What if Kai escaped from the prison Bonnie sent him to and Bonnie went all Huntress and tracked him down? That would be awesome.

5. Matt Donovan

Matt Donovan
He's one of the most important people in Mystic Falls, so the chances of him not appearing are slim to none. Give him a love interest and kids and we'll be happy.

6. Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood
He may be dead, but has that stopped this universe from bringing deceased characters back? Um, no. Anything is possible. Just ask Alaric.

7. Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore
He may have gotten his happy ending with Elena, but could he really return for one final adventure to conclude the franchise? We would be down for it. Would you?

8. Valerie Tulle

Valerie Tulle
Valerie was not my favorite Heretic when she first appeared, but somewhere along the way, she became the most enthralling. Her backstory was heartbreaking and all she wanted was happiness. Could she somehow wind up working at the magic school as a teacher who knows a little too much about the past?

9. Jo Laughlin

Jo Laughlin
Jo may have already had an encore, but the person who came back was not the real Jo. What if Alaric found a way to bring his former love back to life for good? Wouldn't that be the perfect conclusion for his arc?

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