9 Ways History's Alone Helps Prepare You for the Apocalypse

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The History Channel's Alone is a show that takes 10 contestants with 10 items and drops them off in the middle of nowhere. They have to survive on their own, battling the elements and themselves. Until they push that button for emergency rescue, they have to use every skill they've ever learned to live for as long as they can.

Whoever makes it the longest wins.

Sound brutal? It can be. Watching Alone not only makes some interesting television, you will learn a ton.

That apocalypse on the horizon everybody likes to talk about? Watch Alone and you'll be prepared for anything.

It just might save your life!

How many skills do you have that will save you during an apocalypse, and how much do you have to learn?

Find out! 

1. Shelter

The first thing you want to do during an apocalypse is find shelter. If you can't find it, you have to make it.

Chances are you're not going to have a handy dandy tent in your pocket or a comfy sleeping bag. Alone will teach you how to make a shelter using your surroundings. They mainly use trees, a tarp (if they have one) and string.

What? You don't have string? Well, they'll teach you how to make that too!

2. Fire

The next thing you're going to need is a fire. You know, if you want to eat, drink clean water and fend off wild predators.

There are a few ways Alone teaches you how to build a fire, if you don't have matches or a lighter. Using flint and steel or just plain sticks, you can learn how to create a spark and turn it into a life-saving roaring fire.

Don't let that fire go out, though, because who knows if you can make it again.

If you can grab 10 items at the beginning of an apocalype, take a fire starter. As you'll see on the show, starting a fire from scratch isn't easy.

3. Water

There are no water bottles in the apocalype and the water in the tap is all dried up.

What are you going to do?

Alone will teach you how to find water, and you need to learn it because you won't last 3 days without it!

Don't panic. Alone has already taught you how to build a fire, so here's the next step.

Hunt down a river or a stream, bring that water back to your newly built shelter, boil all the nastiness out, and you've got yourself some water.

It's not going to taste good, but it'll keep you alive.

4. Fishing

Alone has already hooked you up with shelter, fire and water, but you haven't eaten yet. You're starving to death

What to do. What to do.

Fish that water source you found, of course!

Don't like fish, you say? Learn to like it because there are no protein bars in the apocalypse, people. Alone will teach you how to fish with a trap, a net or a pole that you made yourself.

So helpful, these guys.

5. Traps

If you absolutely can't stomach fish, Alone gives you other protein options, but you're going to have to hunt. They'll teach you how to make a bow you can use to hunt for food, or you could build traps.

Using wood and some heavy stones, you can trap just about anything to eat.

You'll also learn how to prepare your food before you cook it on that incredible fire you already built. Lucky you! You're now way ahead of everybody else in the apocalypse.

Rick Grimes would be proud.

6. Forage

You've tried and tried to hunt and fish and you're coming up empty handed. Your stomach is starting to eat itself at this point, so it's time for forage for food.

Alone is going to show you what's safe to eat and what's not. There are slugs, snails, berries, and plants a plenty to be eaten. And you don't have to chase or trick them.

They're just waiting for you to find them, like a delicious game of hide and seek.

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