9 Ways History's Alone Helps Prepare You for the Apocalypse

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7. Navigation

Congratulations! You've built your yurt, made a roaring fire, procured some water and just had a tasty meal. You're surviving this darned apocalypse.

Pre-apocalypse you, though, couldn't find your way out of a brown paper bag. You have all this great stuff at your camp, but you head out for more wood to keep your fire going and you get lost. What good is a camp if you can't find it again?

Relax. Alone will show you the way. Your going to learn how to go out foraging and actually find your way back. Thank goodness.

8. Protection

What's that you hear? A bear or a cougar? Whatever it is, you don't want that predator in your camp. It'll eat your food and then you.

Calm down, Alone is here to help.

Watching Alone will show you how to stay safe from wild animals. Hint: That fire you built is going to come in mighty handy!

9. Alone and Bored

Alone and Bored
It might seem like you're going to have tons to do during the apocalypse, but soon you'll have your routine down pat. You're going to get bored.

Participants on Alone have built furniture, fireplace hearths, and games. All to beat the dreaded boredom from being Alone. You're going to learn all that and more.

You're also going to learn how to be alone, which is tougher than you might think.

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