ABC at Midseason: What Will Get Renewed?

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ABC is currently the number 1 Broadcast network among 18-49 year olds. 

They have a wide array of different scripted shows currently on the air and have a lot waiting in the wings for midseason. 

Last season, they renewed a slew of freshman shows with woeful ratings. Will they need to do this to save face again?

We've compiled all the figures for your favorite shows in the slide below.

1. Modern Family

Modern Family
This comedy continues to be the number 1 show on the network. Season 7 is currently tracking 12% below Season 6. Among people 18-49, the show is averaging a 2.78 rating and 8.22 million among total viewers. With DVR factored in, the show is raking in additional 70% of viewers in 7 days. This is the probably the safest show on TV.

2. Scandal

Scandal is down, but far from out. It's down around 10% from last season and is currently averaging a 2.53 rating and 8.46 million viewers. It leaps over 70% with DVR factored in. Considering it's ABC's highest rated drama, this will be around for seasons to come.

3. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
This long running medical drama has managed to defy the odds and stay stable this season. Season 12 is averaging a 2.38 rating and 8.56 million viewers. Like Scandal, it is a DVR magnet, increasing more than 70%. Look for the show to go on as long as Shonda wants it on the air. See you in Season 20!

4. The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs
Remember how we all thought The Goldbergs wasn't long for this world in Season 1? Well, a few years later and it's ABC's fourth highest rated show. The ratings for Season 3 are in line with the sophomore run, averaging a 2.17 rating among 18-49 and 6.87 million viewers. With DVR added in, this comedy is swelling 50% within 7 days. Season 4 is a go!

5. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder
As one of last season's few freshman hits, the only way was down for this frothy drama. It's currently down almost 30%, averaging a 2.12 rating and 7.06 million viewers. The margin of loss is diminished greatly when you factor in the DVR ratings. Yes, this drama is getting a 90% bump. See you next season, Viola!

6. The Middle

The Middle
The Middle is up a smidgen were it matters most and is averaging a 2.03 rating and 7.58 million viewers. The ratings for this comedy have stayed even ever since it premiered seven seasons ago.The show also enjoys a 40% boost in DVR ratings. This will be renewed unless the cast wants out.

7. Black-ish

This comedy has dropped almost 20% from Season 1 and is currently averaging a 1.87 rating and 6.03 million viewers. It maintains a respectable chunk of the Modern Family lead-in and is heavy on delayed viewing. 58% from recent results. This will live to see Seasons 3 and 4.

8. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
Season 5 has saw the show hit ratings lows. Currently, it's averaging a 1.62 rating and 5.04 million viewers. Like previous seasons, the show is heavily DVR'd, with most recent measures putting the increases at over 50%. Even though ratings are on the downside, it is still performing better than anything else ABC has on Sundays. It's good for at least another season, but barring an upswing in the ratings department, it could be the last hurrah for the fantasy drama.

9. The Muppets

The Muppets
The Muppets premiered to much hype as one of the top new shows, but it's slid pretty much every week and is currently averaging a 1.57 rating and 4.94 million viewers. Bear in mind that those averages include the high flying series premiere. The only thing going for the show is that a lot of people are watching it within 7 days. It's adding over 50% every week. The show never got a full season order. Make no mistake, a three episode order is not a full season. Look for this show to be forgotten about come May.

10. Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat
This ABC comedy started the season off strong, but it's been dropping steadily pretty much every week. It's currently averaging a 1.54 rating and 4.38 million viewers. Down quite a bit in both measures from last season. it isn't as heavy on the delayed viewing as some of the other shows. This one is very much a bubble show.

11. Quantico

This show started VERY strong by Sunday night standards, but it has shed almost half the audience already. It is currently averaging a 1.51 rating and 5.22 million viewers. Why are we not worried yet? Because it's jumping by a massive 138% within 1 week. This is a show that has an audience, but are ABC willing to give it a timeslot upgrade?

12. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
This Marvel drama has been dipping ever since it premiered, just over two years ago. Season 3 is currently averaging a 1.44 rating and 3.93 million viewers. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it's close to syndication and Marvel's Agent Carter got a renewal last season with even worse ratings, so it's good for now. It also pulls in a tidy sum from the DVR.

13. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing
This Friday night laugher always seems to clinch an eleventh hour renewal. That no doubt comes down to Tim Allen's asking price per episode. Season 5 is averaging a 1.25 rating and 6.81 million viewers. It doesn't do all that great on DVR and ABC has finally found a show to match it in the demo. This season could be it for the show if ABC wants to save money and try pairing something else with Dr. Ken.

14. Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken
The show might be laugh-challenged, but it's pulling some pretty respectable ratings for a Friday. It's averaging a 1.25 rating and 5.77 million viewers. The show isn't doing great in DVR ratings, but considering the other positives, it will likely be renewed based on current data.

15. Castle

This once reliable performer has pretty much cratered this season. Season 8 is averaging just a 1.13 rating and 6.64 million viewers. It is doubling the ratings over on the DVR, but considering the erosion, this is probably the end of the line.

16. Nashville

This drama has slid even further in Season 4 and it currently is averaging a 1.08 rating and 4.48 million viewers. There is a huge bump with DVR ratings, but this show seems ripe for the Revenge treatment. Dragged to four seasons with terrible ratings for syndication purposes.

17. Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil
This sudsy Dallas wannabe has already had it's episode order cut and is averaging a meager 0.97 rating and 4.08 million. It's not officially cancelled, but it's dead.

18. Wicked City

Wicked City
This turkey was cancelled after three episodes averaged a 0.67 rating and 2.46 million viewers.

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