Alcide Herveaux: A (Shirtless) Life in Pictures

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13. Armed Alcide

Armed Alcide
Alcide confronts Debbie on the episode "Hitting the Ground." Will he be able to pull the trigger on her?

14. Alcide with Sookie

Alcide with Sookie
Sookie makes a new friend on the episode "It Hurts Me Too," as Alcide accompanies her to Mississippi. We just wanna see him with his shirt off.

15. Comforting Sookie

Comforting Sookie
Alcide is there for Sookie. But will these two be together by the time True Blood concludes?

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These Hot Shot f---ers are so dumb they can't even make a werepanther right.


Tara: What do you want from Sookie?
Franklin: You should be more concerned with what I want from you.

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