All American Midseason Report Card: Biggest Twist, Sexiest Scene, and More!

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Quite a bit went down on during the first half of All American Season 1, and we're looking back at some of the biggest moments. 

We had big revelations, love triangles, gang wars, big family secrets, and oh yeah, there was even some football mixed in there, too. 

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All in all, All American is off to a solid start, and we are very much looking forward to seeing how it all plays out when the second half returns January 16. 

Check out our report card, and if you need to catch up, be sure to watch All American online

1. Strongest Relationship

Strongest Relationship
It doesn't matter if you're on Team Layla or Team Olivia, the core relationship of this series is Spencer and Coop. These two have been through everything together, and no matter what, they will always be there for each other. The level of love and support they have between them makes them the most compelling relationship.

2. Redemption Arc That Ended in Tragedy

Redemption Arc That Ended in Tragedy
When the season started, it looked like Shawn was going to be the bad guy who got in Spencer and Coop's way. It appeared he would be a bad inflence on Coop, but instead she helped him realze his potential. Shawn wanted to get out of the gang life and raise his daughter, but sadly he story ended in tragedy.

3. Character We're Most Concerned About

Character We're Most Concerned About
Guys, we are really worried about Coop. She's been through so much in the first half of the season, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better. With Shawn dead, we thought it might mean the end of Coop's gang involvement, but by the looks of it, it's just getting started.

4. Biggest Twist

Biggest Twist
Jordan couldn't help himself snooping through his dad's bank transfers. He thought he would discover that he'd been sending money to Spencer's mom, but it turned out that he was sending it to his own father! Jordan and Olivia's grandpa lived in Crenshaw all along, and they had no idea. Why? It turns out that Grandpa Willy was not on board with Billy's choice for a wife, severing ties between them.

5. Best Football Moment

Best Football Moment
After Asher gave the opposing team their playbook, it was looking like the Beverly High crew would lose in a heartbreaker. But, with some help from Chris, they pulled off the win with none other than the Philly Special! Spencer threw the winning touchdown pass to Jordan, and everyone celebrated their victory!

6. Most Twisted Love Triangle

Most Twisted Love Triangle
We spent most of the first half of the season wondering whether Spencer would end up dating Olivia or Layla. Both came with complications as Layla was already dating Asher and there was the small possibility that Olivia might be Spencer's sister. She wasn't, but they still didn't wind up together. For now, the love triangle has been put to rest, but we'll see if the friendship between the two ladies can be saved.

7. Cutest Sibling

Cutest Sibling
How adorable is Spencer's little brother Dillon? He may be a minor character, but he makes the most of his screen time with his quick wit and winning smile. He keeps Spencer on his toes and is always ready to bring him back to reality whenever Beverly Hills starts to go to his head.

8. Most Heartbreaking Moment

Most Heartbreaking Moment
There were a few, but the hardest one to watch was when Coop summoned up the courage to come out to her mother, only for her mom to kick her out of the house. Coop and her mom clearly had a close relationship, and it was devastating that she couldn't accept her daughter for who she is.

9. Toughtest Conversation

Toughtest Conversation
Jordan's encounter with the police in Crenshaw introduced him to the harsh reality of being a black man in America. Spencer's mom prepared him when he was a child, but Billy had never had "the talk" with his kids. He hoped he had more time, but unfortunately, he was being naive. Jordan and Spencer were lucky the situation didn't escalate to an even worse outcome.

10. Sexiest Scene

Sexiest Scene
Nothing against Spencer and Layla, we like them as a couple, but there's no denying the chemistry between Spencer and Olivia in that hot tub was off the charts. If they hadn't been interrupted by Jordan, who knows? Maybe they would have ended up together instead.

11. Least Jealous Character

Least Jealous Character
It's been established that there's a history between Billy and Grace, but Laura is not at all phased by it. She's completely secure in her marriage and trusts her husband. It's refreshing! Too many shows would try to create drama and friction between Laura and Grace, but these two handle it with class.

12. Worst Decision

Worst Decision
Asher made a lot of bad choices, and he just kept digging himself in deeper and deeper. It was bad enough that he lied to his friends and girlfriend about his money problems and cheating, but he then got drunk and made a scene at the Homecoming dance, earning himself a two-game suspension. His worst decision, though, was giving the opposing team the playbook. He might have had a chance to come back from the other stuff, but that one got him kicked off the team for good.

13. Biggest Mystery

Biggest Mystery
We know that Billy isn't Spencer's dad, but the midseason finale left us wondering if Billy may have had something to do with Spencer's dad's disappearance. It was heavily implied that Billy would have done just about anything for the coaching job at Beverly Hills. Did he do something to force Spencer's dad to leave town? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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