American Horror Story: 19 Moments That Made Our Skin Crawl

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For seven seasons, American Horror Story has reigned as the king of horror television. From Murder House to Cult, AHS has prided itself on telling horrific tales in the most gruesome ways possible.

No one wants to live their life having nightmares night after night, but that's the reality if you're an AHS fan.

There have been many times when we've had to look away from the screen or fast forward to keep the scares at bay. Sometimes what we're seeing is so unbelievable that looking away isn't an option. 

It's those moments that seem to stick with us, giving us the heebie-jeebies over and over and over again and you can get them, too, when you watch American Horror Story online.

Here are 19 moments that truly made our skin crawl! 

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1. Phobia Anyone? (Cult)

Phobia Anyone? (Cult)
Who knew there was such a thing as trypophobia, but leave it to AHS to bring out that fear in everyone with their crazy pre-season teasers.

2. Johnny Morgan Drinks Milk (Asylum)

Johnny Morgan Drinks Milk (Asylum)
Prostitutes probably see lots of bizarre things, but when a grown man asks to suckle your new mom breasts, it might be one for the memory books. And while we know Johnny has some serious issues, what's even more creepy is the fact that Pandora even allowed it. The things some people will do for money!

3. Cordelia Blinds Herself (Coven)

Cordelia Blinds Herself (Coven)
Cordelia's plan to bring back her second sight by gouging out her ill-gotten eyes with a pair of garden scissors wasn't the most brilliant plan on her part. But kudos to her for the courage to do something so ghastly. Still, it makes us feel weird all over every time we replay that scene in our heads.

4. Brains for Baby (Murder House)

Brains for Baby (Murder House)
Morning sickness is a horrible thing, but we'd rather eat dry crackers than juicy pig's brains to ease the queasies. Vivien doesn't mind and seems to enjoy her newfound culinary dish. Still, the sight of her downing that bloody mess is enough to make us gag.

5. Dirty Mattress (Hotel)

Dirty Mattress (Hotel)
We don't know how the mattress monster came to be, but we can venture to guess it might have been created from all the cooties collected over the years and years of people sleeping on it. Just think of that biological mess hiding under those sheets -- oh, wait, AHS has already done it for you.

6. The Piggy Man (Roanoke)

The Piggy Man (Roanoke)
Many aspects of Roanoke made our skin crawl, but the idea of a man wearing a pig's head sent us right over the edge. Can you imagine the smell? **shudder**

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